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Question & Answer: The Argument that Information is Never Added Does NOT Fit Evolutionistic Presuppositions


Dogmatic Evolutionist's Comment:

The argument that information is never added seems ridiculous. Every time a sexual being reproduces, information has been added and changed, thus creating a new individual who has different traits from his/her parents. Also we can see example after example of times when individuals have more or less chromosomes than their parents (most often in plants but occasionally in animals as well), thus changing the amount of information present.'s Answer:

When some new idea violates long-held opinions, it is quite natural that the new idea would seem ridiculous, so no one can fault you for that. In fact, the more religiously a dogma is held, the more difficult it is to be objective. This is clearly the case here since observation and experimentation certainly show that new innovative genetic information of the type needed for even the smallest advance in so-called molecules-to-man evolution is never added. There may be exceptions somewhere, but extensive work has been done in this area and there are no known exceptions.

What you have described here is a combination of information from two individuals. This is not the creation of new information but a recombining of information that existed previously. No mystery here. Sometimes there are more chromosomes, but in each case no new innovative information of the kind that would be absolutely necessary for even the smallest supposed molecules-to-man evolutionary advancement is ever generated.

In fact, every instance of supposed increase of information that is used by Evolution's evangelists is an example of NO increase in information.  Evolutionist's claims for adding information fall into three categories.  These are the 3 Rs of Evolution: Rearrange information, Remove information, and Ruin information.  See: The 3 Rs of evolution

The 3 Rs of Evolution: Rearrange information, Remove information, and Ruin information.

Adaptation uses information that is already in the genetic code, so no new information is added.  We have observed that most mutations are nearly neutral, but that they accumulate to become problematic.  Mutations lose genetic information, and much of this loss is through errors in the genetic code.  The so-called beneficial mutations are also losses to the information contained in the genetic code.  No new information is added.

Natural selection selects from what is already there.  It has no mechanism for generating new information.  In short, this means that Evolution is dead in the water.  It has no way to tell its story in a way that is even possible let alone likely.  It certainly violates many scientific laws and is neither scientific nor natural.  It is a supernatural story without any proposed cause for the supernatural claims.

Using an analogy of a train, Evolution hopes to go from Missouri in Central U.S. to California.  However, the train is going the wrong direction toward New York, with each small change being the result of a loss of information or simply a rearrangement of what is already there.  The evolution train’s a-comin’The evolution train goes the wrong way on the map.

"Spetner points out that no one has found a single point mutation that adds biological information (specified complexity). This is not to say that such a mutation cannot or does not happen, just that such mutations cannot be the mechanism for generating the vast amount of biological information that we see."

Last updated: Jul, 2013
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Question & Answer: The Argument that Information is Never Added Does NOT Fit Evolutionistic Presuppositions



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