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Questions and Answers: Am I Saved?


A site visitor askes a sincere question. "Am I Saved?" As a teenager, he had gotten into sin with drugs and girls. God obviously called him and he thought about God and talked to God, but drugs and other sin continued to plague his life. He knew that God is to be feared as a severe judge when we do evil. So his real question is, "Am I saved?" Read his question below, and understand the answer to the question: Am I Saved?"


"One night at work I broke down in the bathroom and started talking to God. I said that I thought I believed in Jesus... I guess I didn't, but I want to. I said how deeply sorry I was. I was crying. I didn't expect anything to happen but when I left the restroom I felt this chill go down the back of my spine, something I never felt before, not like a drug. It was amazing, then I witnessed God's grace through my co-workers who had done all my work for me so there was no stress. From that point on I've been lost spiritually. I thought I accepted Jesus that night, although my life after that has been the best Christian life. I'm 25 now. I don't have much experience with God anymore, although this year I was baptized. I don't know whether I'm saved or not or did I somehow do something so that I can't be saved. I'm so confused. Did i reject God unknowingly but why would he then reveal Himself to me. Do I have a any hope as a backslidden supposed Christian? I believe in Jesus. I just hope there is hope. I never knew about serving God till now, and I never understood His glory till now. I hope I was saved that night. That's my only hope. What do you think? Am I unredeemable or have I been redeemed?"


You do really have hope in Jesus. Don't fear. How many Christians ask the same question: "Am I saved?" You are on the right track but you are trying in your own strength rather than resting in the strength of Jesus. No one can walk in righteousness in human strength. You have been born again. If you were to die tomorrow, you would go to heaven. God wants to help you to grow in righteousness and holiness now that you are part of the family. Just keep walking. Be patient with God's process. Follow His process instead of your own process or some religious process. I have added some links. Study them and the links that you will find on these links. Spend some time to learn about God's process. No one should go through the pain of not knowing whether they are born again.

There is a lot of confusion about being born again, being saved, and being redeemed. Some Christians think that these words all mean the same thing. Being saved and being redeemed are synonyms for the same thing, but being born again is not exactly the same. The problem is that some Christians think that the whole objective of God is that we be born again.

Born Again:

It does not take much to be born again, but when you are born again you are just a baby in Christ. To be born again you must believe in Jesus for deliverance from your sins. When you accept Jesus, you must accept Him as your Prophet, Priest, & King--all three. If you don't want Jesus to rule over you and be your King, then you have not accepted Him. If you don't want Him to lead you constantly, then you have not accepted Him. No one can fool God. No one can say that they want to be born again when they really want to remain the slave of Satan and slave of their own fleshly human nature. To be born again is to begin to be set free from slavery to Satan and to begin to be set free from slavery to your own fleshly human nature.

If you do accept Jesus as your King to rule over you, then your human Spirit is reconciled to God's Holy Spirit. The word, Christ, means Annointing, and Annointing is a type of the Holy Spirit. So, when you say that you have Christ in your heart, what is actually happening is that your spirit has been joined to the Holy Spirit. When you are born again, your flesh is not born again. The flesh is not Annointed with the Holy Spirit, but your spirit is, and you then have the ability to do God's will. Actually, it is God who gives you the ability both to will and to do His will. When you are born again, you are born into God's family but you are still an immature baby in Christ. God loves babies. He wants them to grow up. Being born again is getting started on a walk with God. Any who are not born again will not and cannot do God's will--they can only be self-righteous at best and openly evil at worst. When you are born again you are removed from the family of Satan and you are born into the family of God, but you are just a baby unless you grow up. You can read more about this here:

From what you say, you are born again, but you are struggling. We, as human beings have no ability for any righteousness at all--except for hypocritical self-righteousness. We do have one thing that we can do. We can believe God and submit to His righteousness. When we believe God, then His free gift of righteousness flows through us. If we will only submit to His righteousness, then He will do His righteousness through us. If you ever fail by doing the will of your own fleshly mind, you simply confess your fault to God, and then God will forgive you because of the blood of Jesus. Then you get yourself back up (actually it is God who gets you back up) and keep on walking with God. You can read more about this here:

Salvation & Redemption:

Being born again is the start of salvation but being born again is not the same as salvation. There are 27 references like the following that refer to salvation or being saved as something in the future. Romans 5:9-10 "Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him. For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life." This Bible verse says that we were reconciled, that is, born again, and we shall be saved--they are two separate things. At the same time, there are 5 verses that refer to having been saved or being saved in the present tensed. It appears that salvation is a process that started when we were born again, continues in the present, and will be completed in the future. You can read more about this here:

The word, redemption is also a future event that seems to have already begun. Redemption refers to the complete release from bondage because of the paying of the debt. Find more information here: and here:

Last updated: Jan, 2012
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