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Questions and Answers: Christian Reader Questions the Meaning of the Word, Cult


Is It Unloving to Call a Cult a Cult?

As the members of the Church of the Living God continue to walk away from His ways, the Bible becomes a very strange book to them. They see it as full of errors. One person wrote in: "I am a fellow Christian but I believe that this website portrays to [one of the religions that worships spirit guides, that is, demons] in a way that is not loving to them." The writer then made a similar statement about those who follow a way that so hates Christ that they seek to kill His followers if they can. It is getting more difficult than ever to speak the truth. However, Christians must welcome such persecution. The Bible says, "Rejoice and be glad." We reach out to them in love, but we do not tell them nasty lies to try to destroy them spiritually. This type of comment comes from one who believes their own mind rather than believing God.

Many Christians are convinced that the Bible is in error--that there are other ways to God. Many huge denominations openly teach this deadly error. It is unloving to tell people lies that will kill them with the second death. It is an abomination to do such a thing.

This person went on to say: "Look up any,.gov website and they will provide you with a more accurate definition of the word 'cult'" This is the typical advice of those who have gone astray from the truth. Here is the advice to seek the counsel of the ungodly. We would do far better to know what God considers to be a cult than what ungodly people consider to be a cult.

Here are some questions that this comment brings to mind:

  1. What word other than "cult" would you use to convey the following meaning: "a set of beliefs which, if followed, will keep a person out of the Kingdom of Heaven and bring them into aionian judgment"?
  2. What kind of counsel should Christians seek out, godly, or ungodly?
  3. What is salvation, and is it available through any way other than through Jesus Christ?
  4. Is the Bible authoritative?
  5. What is the purpose of life?

First, let me say that lying to people in such a way as to give them false assurance that their destructive course of action and ways of thinking will not destroy them is possibly the most unloving thing a person could do. Jesus always told the truth. That is why the religious people killed Him. An unloving Christian will refuse to tell an unbeliever that the unbeliever needs Jesus. A loving Christians needs to use tact, but not so much tact that they do not make contact. Further, a Christian is only effective if that Christian is flowing with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is speaking through him or her. You see, God is love; you cannot have any love except fake love without God. God is wisdom; you cannot have any wisdom except fake wisdom without God. God is righteousness; you cannot have any righteousness except self-righteousness without God.

When a statement like this comes through, it is difficult to know the mindset that is behind the statement. Do you believe that the Bible is the Word of God? If not, then what is your basis of truth? Is it just your opinion? Is it whatever the polls determine that the majority think is true?

What is your basis for assuming sites would have the correct definition of cult over the Merriam Webster dictionary? You may be able to find a conflicting opinion, but What kind of counselors should Christians choose? This comes up in a rather odd place, and argument about the definition of a word, but this is an important question to answer none the less. Psalm 1 tells us that those who go to the counsel of the ungodly will not be able to stand in the judgment. (here) If you go (here), you will find some information and a number of links at the bottom of the page concerning the type of counsel that Christians should seek out and what kinds of counsel to avoid.

I am assuming that you saw the page (here) that I took the Merriam-Webster definition with a clarification that I am using the word, cult for a specific purpose. As you said, the word, cult, is extremely negative. It indicates something that is dangerous. It indicates something that will result in a person missing out on heaven and finding out about eonian judgment. I don't wish such a fate on anyone. It would be very cruel not to give a warning or to call a cult by a name that makes it seem safe. Cults are not people. Cults are really ideas. Cults are lies. In particular, cults are lies that will keep people from approaching God. Since the Bible tells us that the only way to approach God is through Jesus Christ, there is a good reason to use the word, cult, to describe those organizations that direct people away from Jesus or toward a false jesus.

I'm kind of stabbing in the dark here, not knowing what you were thinking. You may be thinking that all ways lead to God. That would mean one of two things. Either Jesus and the apostles were lying or deceived when they said that Jesus was the only way or else the Bible was horribly changed since it was written. The idea that the Bible has changed has been proven to be a false idea, if that is what you were thinking. If you were thinking that Jesus and the deciles lied, then the whole thing about Jesus bridging the gap is a lie. Or, perhaps, you may have another explanation that I have never heard. I would be happy to hear it if that is the case.

There is purpose and meaning to life, and that purpose and meaning are clearly stated in the Bible. It is the only thing that makes sense in a world of opinions, none of which make sense. (read more)

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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Questions and Answers: Christian Reader Questions the Meaning of the Word, Cult



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