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Questions and Answers: When you go God's way instead of your own, what will rule in your heart?


When you yield yourself to the Spirit of Christ, you become servant to the One whom you obey. Christ will rule in your heart.

Obey Satan = slave of Satan. Obey God = Slave of God. Obey the flesh of others = Slave of Satan. Obey your own fleshly nature = Slave of Satan.

When you are born again, your spirit is joined to God's Spirit. You then are seated with Christ in Heavenly Places. We were created to be connected to God in this way, worshiping in Spirit and in Truth. The human spirit was created to be ruled over by the Holy Spirit.

The word that is translated as soul is also translated as mind, heart, and life. At death, both the soul/mind and spirit leave the body. By the way, the mind is the soul but it is not the brain. The brain is a physical entity.  The brain works with chemical processes that obey chemical laws that can be examined by science.  There is no science to examine the material attributes for such things as conscience, intelligence, will, intent, rational capacity, reason, and self-control. There is not even a rational story that accounts for these things in the materialistic paradigm. The mind/soul affects the brain and the nervous system and is designed to control the body through them. This current battle is largely for the mind/soul. The enemy fights by using lies. Christ fights by using the truth. Truth is reality.

Wisdom, Righteousness, Holiness, and RedemptionThe Greek word for repentance, met-an-o-eh'-o, means to have a new mind or to change your mind. You can be transfigured by the renewing of your mind. (Rom 12:1-2) Your mind/soul/heart is compared to a garden. God prepares the garden of your heart and by sowing good seed into your hearts. Note that the renewing of your mind is something that God does. You can disallow it, of course. You are not a robot. You can resist the Holy Spirit.

Righteousness is closely tied to seeing things as they really are. It is closely tied to listening to God's voice rather than other voices. Righteousness is closely tied to truth. Sin is closely tied to believing lies. Reality is truth. That which is unreal is a lie. Lies bind us. Truth sets us free.

The three areas we need to see in real reality are the Body of Christ, those who are not saved, and the creation.

  • If we do not discern the reality of the Body of Christ, we will only know our brother and sister after the flesh.
  • If we do not see ourselves as a member of the Body of Christ without any purpose or fulfillment outside of the Body of Christ, then we will only see our own flesh and walk in the way of the flesh.
  • If we do not see the unsaved with the same compassion as Jesus sees them, then any interaction we have with them will be hollow and hypocritical.
  • If we do not see the reality of the creation, we will wander into various kinds of covetousness, and we will respond to suffering and the challenges of life in a fleshly way.

Human attempts at righteousness, obedience, or following God's ways are futile unless the obedience is the result of Christ in us and us in Christ. Whatever is not of faith is sin. We need to rest from our own works. (Heb 4:10) God does the work. Our own works are useless. (1Cor 3:11-15, Isaiah 64:6)

Righteousness is in the moment. Holiness is different. Holiness is a change in the gardens of our hearts. Each time we are obedient to the Holy Spirit and keep in step with the Holy Spirit, we go from glory to greater glory. We go from light to light. We go from faith to greater faith. The way opens up before us. The heart is changed or renewed. Christ reigns in us more completely. This is the path that leads to life or redemption. We are gradually being redeemed or saved into the Glory of God.

Last updated: Jun, 2013
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