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Relativists -- Wise Sayings About Dogmatic Relativists


Whoever "spins" best wins.  Since there is no objective truth, all we have is rhetoric.  Whoever plays the game best wins.  Make sure it is you.  ~ Stanley Fish, a dogmatic relativist explaining relativism

Our children may not be able to read or write after twelve years in government schools, but they will be totally brainwashed into rationalism.

Truth, by definition, is exclusive. ~ Ravi Zacharias

There is no neutral zones.  Everyone has a view.  There is no view from nowhere. ~ Ravi Zacharias

Pluralism says that all ideas are equal, which results in a loss of reason and will end in skepticism.

There is nothing built into relativism that keeps anyone from being arrogant, oppressive, intolerant, self-righteous, closed-minded, defensive, angry, malicious, mean, brutal, or destructive. In fact, relativism allows anything.

There is no basis for doing right in relativism because relativism knows no right or wrong.

Once again, if we discover truth, it is not necessarily arrogant to admit it. ~ Art Lindsley, True Truth

We need to affirm truth but remain humble in the way we hold to it. ~ Art Lindsley, True Truth

In almost all cases the truths that we believe are ones we have received from others. ~ Art Lindsley, True Truth

Whoever "spins" best wins. Since there is no objective truth, all we have is rhetoric. Whoever plays the game best wins. Make sure it is you. ~ Fish; Fish is telling you not to believe him.

Postmodernism is the end of the line: there is no objective faith and no objective reason. ~ Art Lindsley, True Truth

There are no facts, only interpretations. ~ Nietzsche  If Nietzshe is correct, then his statement is not a fact but only an interpretation.

Denial of truths leads to blindness about others, about ourselves, or about the world around us. Receiving truth when we do find it is humility. Pride or arrogance, on the other hand involves thinking that we are better, wiser, or more knowledgeable than we are in fact. ~ Art Lindsley, True Truth

It is interesting to note that relativists are very self-righteous.  They take the attitude that they, the relativists, are right and righteous, and those who have faith and put their trust in the absolute Christ are wrong and evil.

It is the pestilent dictum of the Sophists, that the Scriptures are obscure and equivocal.  ~ Luther

The Holy Spirit is no skeptic ~ Luther

 There is something to be said for every error, but whatever may be said for it, the most important thing to be said is that it is erroneous.  ~ Chesterton

Relativism tends to be hypocritical.  Every claim a relativist makes is self refuting.

Those who have promoted evolution with the most enthusiasm have admitted that their goal has been to convince people that there are no moral absolutes. They have said that if people could be shown that everything could be explained without God, then people would stop thinking about moral accountability. Looking around us today it could very well be concluded that the promoters of evolution are winning the battle for men's minds. Moral relativism is here and destroying lives and families, but history shows that this has happened many times before. Each time Christians have turned the situation back again to moral absolutes and that can be done again. ~

Is it objectively true to say that there are no objective truths?

Can you deny the validity of reason without using reason?

If "all perspectives of reality are culturally determined," then is this statement itself culturally determined or transcultural?

If all metanarratives are suspect because they lead to oppression, then can it not be maintained that postmodernism is itself a metanarrative and equally suspect?

If all knowledge claims are a grab for power, then are not postmodernism's contentions equally motivated by a will to power?  ~ True Truths, Lindsey

Bill: Aren't you aware that all our knowledge is relative to our culture? John: Is the claim that "all our knowledge is relative to culture" absolute or merely relative to your culture?~ Art Lindsley, True Truth

You cannot communicate that you cannot communicate. ~ Art Lindsley, True Truth



Last updated: Oct, 2013
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