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Science -- Sayings About Science


Technology is a purely Christian thing. It is impossible to take a technological view of the world in a pagan culture, ~ James B. Jordan

When ideology is allowed to censor scientific findings, science is no longer being done--it has become religion. ~ Eric Rauch, writing about the current problem of Secular dogma being enforced with severe penalties for anyone who uncovers scientific evidence against the Secular dogma such as Evolutionism or Global Warming doctrines.

Today's scientists often do a very poor job of discriminating between observation and interpretation. News reporters shift between them seamlessly and shamelessly. It is up to the reader, and to sites like this, to sift the shift and lift the fogma. For current news:

There is no neutral zones.Everyone has a view.There is no view from nowhere. ~ Ravi Zacharias

The conflict today is not between faith and science but between the assertion that the cosmos, as it exists today, is either in a normal or in an abnormal condition. If it is normal, then it moves by means of an eternal evolution from its potencies to its ideal, but if the cosmos in its present condition is abnormal then a disturbance has taken place in the past, and only regenerating power can warrant the final attainment of its goal. This, and no other, is the principle antithesis which separates the thinking minds in the domain of science into two opposite battle arrays. ~ Abraham Kieper

Given the role of trust in social learning, it is particularly worrying that national surveys reflect a general decline in the extent to which people trust scientists ~ Paul Bloom and Deena Skolnick Weisberg

I believe all scientists should be wary of their assumptions, as these can largely determine their findings. They should also be wary of extrapolations outside the range of observation. The further the extrapolation, the less reliable the prediction. ~

never assume that what is science today will not be myth tomorrow. ~

Not surprisingly he [a Secularist judge] offers a definition that satisfies the naturalists' requirement for confining science to "methodological Naturalism" (p. 65) stating that: Anything that can be observed or measured is amenable to scientific investigation.  Explanations that cannot be based upon empirical evidence are not part of science.  As some have already begun to realize, though, this strict definition of science also creates some nasty difficulties for evolutionary theory. ~

For secularist modernizers, science replaced religion as the new faith

No problem, thinks Ayala. I'll just speak the talking points and let them come true. I'll use my rationality to disprove rationality. Well, he succeeded on that last point - but only within the boundaries of his own skull. ~

"No theory or viewpoint should ever become sacrosanct because experience tells us that even the most elegant Laws of Nature ultimately succumb to the inexorable progress of scientific thinking and technological innovation. The present debate over Darwinism will be more productive if it takes place in recognition of the fact that scientific advances are made not by canonizing our predecessors but by creating intellectual and technical opportunities for our successors."-- James A. Shapiro, "A Third Way," Boston Review, Feb/Mar 1997 as harvested from  

"However, all of those who embrace those naturalistic presuppositions are united in resisting any acceptance of a theistic or supernatural intrusion into the discussions.   The one exception to that resistance, interestingly, is the growing acceptance of Panspermia. This theory insists that life exists in some form throughout the universe and has found its way onto our planet by assorted space detritus (meteorites, ice crystals, etc.) or through the design of some form of super-intelligence that exists in another galaxy. Usually, the argument is based on the known lack of evidence for an evolutionary origin of life which then requires a non-evidentiary solution—that is, a presupposition (without evidence) that explains the predisposition to “believe” in naturalistic evolution of all things.   During the 30 years since Sir Fred Hoyle made his comments about life, and the 20 or so years since Dr. Lewontin arrogantly demanded that scientists design experiments to produce the anti-creation dogma of naturalistic evolution, genuine science probed deeper into the universe and peered into the unimaginably tiny world of the atom and the unfathomably complex world of the genome. There is more evidence now than ever before for the omniscient design of everything! Using the actual facts of science, man has built an exhilarating world of cities, computers, and commerce that now “has dominion” over the world as never before. The science and technology that enable man to do such things are based on the proven order, purpose, and precision of 'the things that are made.'   Only a fool looks at the overwhelming and worldwide evidence and then says, “There is no God” (Psalm 14:1).   “Willingly ignorant,” indeed! It is not surprising that God insists that those who reject the evidence that He has imbedded in the very creation itself are “without excuse” (Romans 1:20)."





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