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Since The People From Hollywood Display Such Moral Degradation Why Does Anyone Listen To Them


You may be surprised to realize that Christians world-wide submit to mind control from anti-Christians for 15 minutes to four hours per day. Yet you do know this. If you haven't been aware of this previously, it is simply that you have not thought it through. Others, with a less pure intent, have thought it through and they are using it.

Christians seek out ungodly counselors to hypnotize them. It's relaxing, they say.

If there ever were a group of people who are primarily ungodly it is the members of Hollywood ... The vast majority are not followers of Jesus Christ and have no relationship with Him. Most of them consider themselves to be sources of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. They use the word, intellectual, to describe themselves.

If you watch secular entertainment, you are submitting yourself to anti-Christian mind control and persuasion. The same is true of secular education and news, of course.


Americans are addicted to entertainment.

Though the ungodly have always been eager to control communication of ideas, since the 1960s, the emphasis on control of all the various means of communication has become intense. In Europe, Canada, South America, communist countries, and the United States, messages have been controlled mainly by the interrelated ungodly concepts of Materialism, Modernism, Post-Modernism, Naturalism, Evolutionism, New Age and Liberalism. In other countries, Islam has controlled communication.


The decade of the 1960s seems to be a pivotal time when these ungodly concepts and their organizations, particularly Liberalism, began to recognize the power of the various means of communication. Now we see almost total control of colleges, universities, public schools, TV, movies, comedies shows, stand-up comedy routines, documentaries, books, educational programs, news papers, news organizations, and magazines. A few scattered media sources and some private schools have Christian influence, but it seems that there are only information sources that are controlled by the ungodly and those information sources where the ungodly are struggling for total control to give only the message of liberalism.


Here is an amazing fact: Without the willing support of Christians, Liberalism could not maintain control of all means of communication. Christians, addicted to entertainment and the media, assure the financial success of liberalism. Christian's support is necessary for the success of liberalism, and liberalism's goal is to destroy all followers of Christ. Those who watch "Law and Order," "CSI," and many other shows are helping to fund liberalism's crusade as they allow themselves and their families to be brainwashed. Most movie tickets bought by Christians are fulfilling the same two goals. Movies push ungodly doctrines such as Evolutionism. Christians bring about their own destruction.

Last updated: Oct, 2011
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