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There is no evidence anywhere that rational-lie-zed speculation/fantasy is a valid form of reasoning, though. Even though speculative rationalism has been repeatedly shown to be a false form of reasoning, it is accepted in almost all areas of life today. In fact, it is accepted to such an extent that some dictionaries equate the word, rational, with sane. There is some validity in this definition since two rationalizing people who have differing assumptions are likely to think of each other as being insane. The famous comedy routine, "Who's on first." is funny only because Abbot and Costello are each operating on differing sets of assumptions. Each of them continues living in his own speculatively rationalized paradigm. That's how rational-lie-zed speculation/fantasy operates. It creates a complete representation of the creation around us with all the senses and emotions, a complete world in our heads. It fills in the blanks with fabrications without us even being aware that all of this is happening. Most of our rational-lie-zed speculations are subconscious. And it is part of the human weakness. Theologians, politicians, and evolutionists seem to just love and defend even conscious rational-lie-zed fantasies.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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