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Success Systems: What To Avoid


It may sound strange to have an article on real success with a warning on what to avoid, but that seems appropriate here.Many dangers and traps are prepared for those who are seeking success.

Many success methods consist of a mix of New Age Occultism,Cultic Secularism (using language that sounds, on the surface, Christian, intellectual, and scientific) and good sound advice for life and business.They are packaged for acceptance by corporations, governments, small businesses, churches, and education in the form of countless "motivational seminars" or "Learning to Learn skills."They hold out the advice to lure the unsuspecting into the Occult and the Secular fantasies, because people want the success that the advice can bring.People may want candy, but they don't have to swim up a sewer to get it.Sound advice is good, but the advice in the Bible is far better than that available in many of these classes, multi-media presentations, and books.

Many of the success methods depend on human-generated self-righteousness. Many of them teach all is One--monism--which is used as a way of explaining the occult powers. While the success method attributes these powers to the human mind, the adherents are often actually entertaining demons for psycho kinesis, levitation, and spells. Everything, however, is explained in scientific terms avoiding any mention of occult terminology. In fact, the defense is given that the proponents of the success method don't believe in demons and that anyone who does believe what the Bible says is insane.

Some success systems are based on existentialism (the claim that individual human beings create the meanings of their own lives), humanistic/existential psychology, and humanism. Many of them are based on Secularism, sometimes called Secular Humanism or Atheism.

Most success systems rest in the power of the human. Only one rests in the power of the divine. The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the one success system that rests in the power of the divine. Other than the humanity-centered nature, there is nothing wrong will a lot of these methodologies or systems or self-defined value systems.Oftentimes we see that there is a subset of the book of Proverbs or the ten commandments in these systems.And yet the dependence is not on the divine but on the human.That's where they fall down because human beings have many weaknesses.

Many success systems are based on a set of rules or laws and the supposed human ability to follow these precepts or principles. Some laws are even based on the law God gave to the children of Israel. The problem is that we can't fulfill these laws. Some success systems instruct each person define his or her own values or principles by which to live. In the final analysis, all of these systems hold out empty promises.

Success is not just winning the battle. It is also taking and holding ground and it is the final complete victory. True success is spiritual and affects every aspect of our lives. We were not created to be driven by a purpose, principles, or values. God created us to be led by the Spirit of God, to yield willingly to His Spirit, and to allow God to do His works and to love through us. God's plan is to create, in us, a clean heart and fully redeem us to Himself so that we always flow with a mighty stream of His love continually. Many have tried to be guided and empowered by such things as rationalism, values, laws, or principles. Many success systems focus on such things and on human effort, and they seem to be able to produce something that gives the illusion of success. Many of these human-driven or principle-driven success systems are denominations and religions. Often, these systems are simply forms and rituals, meaningless and irrelevant. Success is different from that.

While it's perfectly legitimate to promote a success method that is purely mechanical, many of the methods and systems try to cross over into the spiritual without Christ.That always brings them under the law.They speak of values, principles, ethical standards, missions, and visions.These are all spiritual terms.Total Quality Management, as good as it is, has this kind of a pseudo-christian flavor all without Christ.Many of the other systems also project this image of being a sort of a secular religious experience without Jesus.Some get into the occult or New Age techniques. An example would be the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which gives a description of an exercise that isconjuring of spirits but uses business language to make it seem less dangerous or as if it were a mental exercise.

Last updated: Oct, 2011
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