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Teachers -- Wise Sayings About Teachers


A first grade teacher is one who knows how to make little things count.

Attempts in recent years to make U.S. schools world leaders in mathematics and science have failed, but efforts to indoctrinate public school students with secular humanistic values have not. ~ Randy Walter

For an increasing number of families, it's not such a good deal to send their children to public schools, which they view as nests of violence and promiscuity where traditional religion is denigrated while students are taught humanistic beliefs.

School, any school, is only allowed to teach a child because the parents delegate their God-given authority to the school. It is important, then, that the parents agree with the goals and objectives that the school has for educating their children. ~ Jean Ann Nelessen, Principal, NTC Academy, Wisconsin Christian News

Every adult who interacts regularly with children teaches.  Schools may appear to teach only academics, but along with that, they demonstrate moral values in the way they teach them. ~ Cindy O'Halloran, AgapePress

Parents will stand before God for what they allowed their children to be taught. ~ Jean Ann Nelessen, Principal, NTC Academy, Wisconsin Christian News

No child is harmed by the stories of the Bible, but children are harmed by not having its guiding principles! ~ Isaac Martin

The single most prevalent form of child abuse in this country is the act of sending a child to a government school.  Neal Boortz

The most dedicated teacher is the home school teacher.

Not all teachers in public schools are set against Christ; some are even Christian, but they just can't do anything about it.

The government schools lag behind the home schools and parochial schools in all areas except one, relativism.

The government schools do a great job of teaching that right is wrong and wrong is right.

State-sponsored schools were not part of the original make-up of this country. None of the Founders - all of whom were educated at home or privately - saw providing compulsory, state-sponsored education as a proper function of the central government, which is why education is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. Yates

Government schools have become the parochial schools of the Atheist, Agnostic, and Humanist religions.

There were no government schools in any modern sense of that term until the 1840s, when Horace Mann's Unitarians started them up in Massachusetts as what were then known as common schools.  Yates

Three political science professors, Robert Lichter of George Mason University, Stanley Rothman of Smith College and Neil Nevitte of the University of Toronto, surveyed 1,643 full-time faculty at 183 four-year schools. They found that 72% of teachers describe themselves as liberal, but only 15% are conservative. Only 31% describe themselves as regular churchgoers (and that's any sort of church). 84% are in favour of abortion rights, and 67% said homosexual behaviour is acceptable.... Oh I nearly forgot, many universities censor out challenges to evolution from goo-to-you-via-the-zoo--because anti-evolutionists are closed-minded of course. ~

Last updated: Jul, 2010
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