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The Latter Rain Movement and the Charismatic Movement

God has used the Latter Rain Movement and the Charismatic Movement for His glory, but there are problems. The purpose of this page is to warn any who seek fulfillment about the problems associated with the Latter Rain and the Charismatic Movements. This page is not here to disparage any group or any person. The purpose of this page is to keep those who desire fulfillment in Jesus to be fulfilled rather than discouraged. We are pointing out a disorder that can be corrected, though the political forces at work in organizations make correction difficult if not impossible. Continuing in a disorder will result in frustration and lack of fulfillment. A further danger is that Christians who follow in disorders are much more likely to walk away from Christ completely. Fulfillment is only available in Jesus Christ. Read more. Read even more. God does love those who are in disorder and would turn them to His path if they would soften their hearts toward Him. If you know anyone who is walking in disorder, it is important to look to Jesus and let the love of God flow to them as it is shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Ghost. Perhaps you will pray. Perhaps God will give you a word of wisdom or a word of knowledge.

What became known as The Latter Rain and the Charismatic movements have much good in them and much that has been disorderly and destructive in them.  God has used these movements, but they are not following the order of God.  These two movements rejected much of the Scriptural order.  They accepted part of the revelation from the Bible that was restored in the move of the Spirit that began in 1948, but rejected many Scriptural truths that God unfolded at that time.  Many ran who were not sent, causing much confusion.  Some got confused between the soul and Spirit and got into emotionalism rather than the move of the Spirit of God. 


The list of disorders that have been caused by rebellious attitudes is amazing.  Entire websites are devoted to exposing these disorders.  Because of the disorders, "this way is evil spoken of."  Some have sold seminars in which those who have paid the money are promised to be set as apostles, complete with a official certificates.  The same thing has happened with other gifts and ministries.  Some people are giving tests to try to find out Spiritual gifts, because they can't see the Scriptural order.  There have been many cases of people who have not been sent who have laid hands and prophesied gifts over people for gifts and ministries, and those people have wondered why none of those things prophesied ever came to pass, or, worse yet, have tried to make the prophecies come to pass through human effort.  Some have tried to put the apostles under a local pastor.  One group saw the that the Scripture says that there is a need for apostles, so they decided to be the apostles.  There are boards of apostles under a single man or under a committee.  It appears that some of the prosperity heresies may even be linked.  The list of disorders could go on.


On the other hand, there are many who have been made hungry by the message of a Living, Powerful God.  Some are hungry for something more than dead form and ritual.  Some want to go on to the life that God has promised in His Word, and these are prepared to receive God's order and the dying to self that is required for anyone to receive God's order and God's sovereignty in every part of their lives.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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