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The Bible


"For you are to deal with Scripture in such a way that you bear in mind that God Himself says what is written. But since God is speaking, it is not fitting for you wantonly to turn His Word in the direction you wish to go." Martin Luther

We don't worship the Bible but we worship the God Who wrote the Bible through His holy apostles and prophets. And we worship the God Who speaks to us (in real time) through the Bible. The Bible doesn't show us anything. God shows us all that we need to know through the Bible.

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word [literally utterance] of God. Many people read the Bible and only hear the thoughts of their own mind because they lean on their own understanding. Often, theologies can cause a person to ignore the voice of God when reading the Bible. When the Bible doesn't fit the theology, we need a heart that is soft enough to hear God's voice and ignore our own voice and the incorrect things that we may have learned along the way.

Someone said that it's circular reasoning to say, "I believe the Bible because it's God's word, and I know that the Bible is God's word because it says that it is and it's God's word so it must be right." Of course, they are right to say this is circular reasoning. However, the real reason we know that the Bible is God's word is because the Holy Spirit directly reveals that fact to our hearts. And that is NOT circular reasoning. In fact, any logic that does NOT rest firmly on the Rock of Revelation of Jesus Christ as a basis will always resolve to circular reasoning. Think about it.

Here, in simple terms, is the reality.  When the Bible refers to itself as the "word," a more literal understanding would be "utterance." These utterances are all God-breathed from the moment they were written until now. God is still speaking through the writings of the Bible. He actually speaks to us in this way in real time.  When we here His Word/Utterance/Bible, we are hearing the Almighty Creator God.  If we add our own interpretation by adding to that Utterance or taking from that Utterance, then we are no longer listening to God but to our own mind's lies.

 If we refuse to listen to God's utterance whenever we hear God's Word/Utterance being read, then we are hardening our hearts just as those who had the veil in front of their eyes in 2 Corinthians 3. For those who harden their hearts and refuse to hear His voice, the Bible becomes, to them, the dead letter.

 Yet, to those who are open-minded to God, the Bible is His Word, His Utterance. They hear His voice and His supernatural trust (faith) flows to them along with His vision of who we are in Christ and what is and is not Christ the body (hope). For these, God's faith gives them access to God's grace so that God's grace can do God's works through them, which results in holiness and ever growing freedom from sin, worldly influence, and the power of the devil.

 How do we know that the Word/Utterance is without error? Because God speaks to us directly through His Word/Utterance to let us know that His Word/Utterance is without error. It is God speaking to us in real time through His Word/Utterance. It is not a presupposition based on "because this is what I want to believe!" like all of the presuppositions of the skeptics.

(some caveats about hearing God's Voice)


Last updated: Mar, 2013
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