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The Claim that Horizons of Fossils Demand Successive Passages of Time During Which the Organisms Lived


Some people propose that horizons of fossils demand successive passages of time during which the organisms lived. And that is an interesting story. However, it is not the only story that can be made up. We could make up another story that says that the reasons for the horizons (which are showing increasing overlap a fuzziness the more fossils we discover) is because of natural sorting during the catastrophic flood, differences in the ability of living things to escape, ecological zonation of living things before the flood, and tectonically-associated biological provinces.

Then we have the problem of the group-held paradigm that make secular scientists see only what they expect to see. Many of the extensions to the horizons have been observed for a long time before they were reported, since those fossils could not be where they actually are because of the paradigm/fake-reality. In fact, there isn't much left of the so-called geologic column. (Only 1% of the Earth's surface has all ten Phanerozoic systems. At to that the fact that this supposed column should be 100-200 miles thick if the Billions-of-Years assumptions are correct. It is less than 10% of this thickness in the best example. "Does the Geologic Column Exist?")

Fake-realities seem to be more real than reality itself to the persons who are blinded by them. In fact, if someone violates the paradigm, they will find it difficult or impossible to be published. Since naturalism/materialism/atheism and uniformitarianism are two of the root presuppositions on which the current group paradigm is built, any reference to a Creator-God or a young Earth will not be published in secular literature regardless of the evidence presented. Then, using circular reasoning, this closed-minded approach is used as confirmation bias that evolution and millions/billions of years are somehow related to reality.  

Given that we have only been able to examine a very small portion of the living things that were rapidly buried and fossilized during the flood, there is no reason to believe that the horizons won’t keep extending until we have examples of dinosaurs and trilobites in the same rock layer.

Lystrosaurus has always been used to correlate rocks into time-equivalent horizons, and to place them all into the Early Triassic. Now, the Permian find of Lystrosaurus, if logical thought processes were to be applied, would mean that Permian and Triassic are contemporaneous. However, that violates the paradigm, so Lystrosaurus is simply discarded as an index fossil and the fact that the empirical evidence points toward a flood once again is totally unrecognized by those stuck in the failed system, the evidence being filtered out by the blinding paradigm.

Since no possible discovery of an index fossil in the “wrong” layer would be accepted as evidence against the sacrosanct geologic column, the use of index fossils at all is a case of special pleading—it is irrational.

The appeal to “everyone believe it,” is an irrational evidence of truth as well, sometimes called “bandwagon.” This is especially true when those who disagree are severly punished.

There is plenty of physical evidence for the flood, and enough that someone can make up a story/theory that fits the evidence much more completely that the old-Earth stories/theories. And every objection to the young-Earth stories has been answered scientifically. Nothing remains that appears to be absolute evidence against a young earth from a scientific view.

And it has pretty well been proven that there is no evidence that will ever be found for which a just-so story cannot be made up that would explain the evidence away—even if the just-so story is simply a prophecy that “science will find an answer one day.” But the real issue is the source of knowledge.  

As it works out, the only way to absolute knowledge is revelation from the absolute God. Everyone who follows Jesus is led by Jesus. We receive knowledge of real reality from Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is working with us (if we cooperate) to replace our paradigms with reality. And we are on that journey. So, the issue is really a comparison between interpretation of the world around us and the history of that world, either by revelation or by made up stuff.

Ungodly people would like to keep this a one-sided discussion in which their belief system is the ultimate authority, but, perhaps they might attempt to answer, at least to answer the question to themselves. What evidence does anyone have for the evolution-old-Earth-no-God-no-flood paradigm that doesn’t involve any made-up stories, arbitrary assumptions, irrational thinking, or outright lies? Is there anything? There is none.

Last updated: Dec, 2013
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The Claim that Horizons of Fossils Demand Successive Passages of Time During Which the Organisms Lived

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