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There Are Several Very Clear Reasons that Evolution Presents False Dogma and These Reasons Cannot Be Refuted.


If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.

The problems with evolutionism

The evidence for evolution consists solely of thousands of fabricated stories, stories made up to explain the discrepancies between observation and the main story, the molecules-to-man evolution story. All these stories are based on rationalizations and arbitrary assumptions like naturalism (no God), materialism (no God), uniformitarianism (no Flood). 

The stories of evolution conflict with what Jesus, the Creator, tells us. He states: "For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them". We know this to be true because He personally confirms it into our innermost minds. The faith of those who follow Christ is not make-believe. It is a supernatural trust and belief that comes when God speaks to us. He speaks through many means, including Scripture. He NEVER contradicts Himself. We are only beginning to learn to hear His Voice and to respond to it in faith and obedience, which is by His grace, but we do hear His Voice. And He is the One Who is personally leading us to hear His Voice more clearly as we walk with Him in humility and obedience. (some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

Ask the evolutionist to give you observable, verifiable, scientific evidence for one kind of living thing turning into another kind of living thing. Kinds are not species. They are more on the level of family. For instance, there is the cat kind, including lions, tigers, and kitty cats. There is the dog kind, including coyotes, wolves, and collies. There is the horse kind, including zebras, tiny Shetland ponies, and huge draft horses. Just one example would be fine. When you ask this question, you will get bacteria turning into bacteria, dogs turning into dogs, finches turning into finches. You will hear evolutionists using the name, evolution, to describe the process of adaptation and speciation. That is, you will hear them claiming that the rearrangement and loss of information is the gain of information. You will also hear stories that cannot be observed or verified because they happened once upon a time and you are just supposed to believe them on blind faith. Evolution believers have been so lied to and they have so swallowed the lie that they believe this to be a fact. They are just changing the subject from a change of kind to a variation within a kind.

(Read the latest science on the subject: Without Excuse by Werner Gitt, a description of the scientific Laws of Universal Information. See also: Information Theory Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Here is another interesting article.) More is constantly being learned about information and about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Evolutionists tend to hide in the weeds of the unknown with an argument from ignorance: "If you can't prove, by empirical science, that evolution is impossible, then it happened." By empirical science alone, we can only prove probabilities. The probabilities show the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story to be a bazaar hypothesis, a story that is so improbable that it should not be considered. However, empirical science is not a tool that can prove anything to be true or false absolutely. For absolute proof, we have revelation. (See Basic and Concise Guide to Practical, Useful Logic and Reasoning). God says that He created everything. He is the One Who enforces the laws of nature. He is the One Who will judge all of us in the end. We know that because we know Him presonally through the indwelling Presence of Jesus Christ and the moment-by-moment instruction of the Holy Spirit.

Ask them for an example of new, innovative information being added to the genome. Again, you will get destruction of information, loss of information, duplication of already existing information, and rearrangement of already existing information. Evolutionists are never told that new, innovative information would need to be added, so they are completely bewildered by the concept. Evolution, if it had actually happened, would have required new, innovative information being added at each supposed minor step. There are scientific Laws of Universal Information. This kind of information, which is the kind of information found in every living cell, only comes from information. This is documented scientifically in the book, Without Excuse, by Werner Gitt.

Ask them to give observable, verifiable, scientific evidence for self-replicating life coming from non-life. There is a scientific law of biogenesis: life only comes from life. In hundreds of years of trying, no one has ever observed spontaneous creation of life--not even with human intervention to try to create life from elements. They will say this is not part of evolution because they don't want to answer the question. They will point to experiments that produced a few amino acids of a kind that could never live--this is not even close. They will claim that this is not part of evolution because they have been taught to say this to avoid answering the question. They will tell stories of imaginary simple life forms that left no evidence and are to be taken on blind make-believe faith.

Ask them to give observable, verifiable, scientific evidence that evolution actually happened. Evolutionists continually change the subject to some attack on you personally, the Bible, or God. This is closer to their real problem. They don't want a Creator God to rule over them. They reject His Nature, which is Love, which is spelled out in the Law and exhibited when anyone yields to the Holy Spirit with their entire mind. They will tell very imaginative stories. They will say that evidence is not necessary. They will say that you must prove that God created everything and that evolution is the default position. This claim is based on an assumption known as Materialism and another assumption known as Naturalism. Neither one of these arbitrary assumptions can be shown to be valid. And both of them have been scientifically falsified by the Laws of Universal Information.

Ask them to give observable, verifiable, scientific evidence for Naturalism or Materialism. The educated ones will admit that these are simply assumptions. The ignorant ones will claim that there is evidence, but they will not be able to give it. Some will claim that you must assume Naturalism and Materialism to do science or else everything would be random at the hands of a random God. However, neither Naturalism nor Materialism provides any means by which the scientific laws would be enforced. There is no mechanism in either of these assumed lies that would in any way provide the predictable nature of what we can observe. However, the absolutely faithful Creator God Who holds everything together throughout the Universe from the most distant galaxy to the Earth and from the smallest sub-subatomic particle to the largest star, He is the One who executes the laws of science that we have observed and those that He has not yet revealed to us.

Question Evolution

False Dogma

There are many ways that we an know that evolutionism is a false dogma, but here are some that are very clear and cannot be refuted.

  • Evolution would require that natural processes create information.
  • Everything that we have ever observed shows that natural process cannot create information.
    • "To date over 10,000 specific disease-causing mutations of the human genome have been identified.20 In contrast, only a handful of beneficial mutations have been discovered, none of which involve an increase in genetic information as required by evolution. All this is highly consistent with the biblical account of a very good creation21 followed by the Fall,22 and a subsequent six millennia23 of cumulative physical degeneration.24 However, it clashes irreconcilably with the evolutionary view that the accumulation of mutations over time brings about upward evolution (increasing functional complexity)."
    • Evolutionists are very clever at putting up a smoke screen to pretend that information can be created by natural processes, but their dogmatism drives them to twist facts and create false impressions.Natural processes have never been shown to create new information.
  • Some natural processes can create structure or complexity, but neither of these add information.
  • Organisms can lose information that may even be beneficial to an organism that has lost the information, but that doesn't add information.
  • Information can be combined from various sources or duplicated, but that doesn't create new information.
  • Genes have the ability to express themselves differently in different tissues, but they use the information that is already in them and do not create new information.
  • Speciation, natural selection, mutations, and adaptations are all examples of processes that do not create new information-for the most part, they are examples of lost information.  (see video below)
  • Evolutionism's story-telling and use of illogical statements do not show that natural processes can create new information.
  • Circular reasoning is the basis of all "science" that tries to calculate the age of the earth. Except for circular reasoning, covert filtering of facts, and many false assumptions, Evolutionists have no basis for old earth stories. There is nothing in science (observation and logic) that in any way conflicts with the historical account as recorded in the Bible. Nothing. (See links below.) Even though a plain reading of Scripture seems to indicate a young Earth, we can't even deny the possibility that God could have done something that Scripture doesn't hint at and that has left no scientific evidence. It is possible. It just is not worth the time to think about it.
  • After two centuries of horrific effort, Evolutionists have been unable to come up with a workable mechanism for evolution--not even a workable hypothesis that could be possible.
  • No undisputed transitional forms exist, but Evolution's stories would necessarily predict millions of transitional forms. These transitional forms would have to appear between major groups of plants and animals, yet this is exactly where they do NOT appear. ** See below for clarification.
  • There is no working hypothesis by which the first cell could have come into existence.

    "Read John Sanford's book Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome and wonder how intelligent people could ever bring themselves to believe that mutations would create progress in fitness, and continue to believe natural selection built all the wonders of life, decades after it was demonstrated by evolution-believing secular population geneticists to be unworkable."(Source: CREV - read more)

** "What makes the question complex is that in place of the countless thousands of transitional forms expected (as Darwin logically indicated should be found, and anticipated would be found in future), there exists at any point in time a handful of candidates, i.e. fossils put forward as transitional forms by evolutionary proponents. [Note: By 'transitional forms' is meant here fossils showing intermediate stages between major evolutionary transitions, i.e. from one kind of creature to a wholly different kind. For example, stages in the supposed transition of a walking reptile to a flying bird, nothing which creationists could regard as variation/speciation within a kind. Some evolutionists argue that we have countless thousands of transitional fossils, but they empty the term 'transitional fossil' of any content really meaningful for the creation-evolution debate. They define a fossil as 'transitional' in the same sense that a car is 'transitional' between a unicycle and a truck. That is not in view here.] Creationists by definition would argue that there are none, so to evolutionists this is seen as 'proof'. From a creation perspective, though, consider the following:" Go to for the rest of this article.

There is plenty of evidence for a young Earth and a recent creation:


Last updated: Sep, 2013
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There Are Several Very Clear Reasons that Evolution Presents False Dogma and These Reasons Cannot Be Refuted.

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