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Why Become Angry With Anyone Who Dismisses Flimflam?


Angry Liars


There have always been those who get upset if anyone disagrees with what they consider to be conventional "wisdom," even when that conventional "wisdom" is phony because it became the convention through a huge PR campaign effort. Today, there are those who become angry with anyone who won't buy into the flimflam that comes from one university discipline or another. The anti-God crowd wants us all to bow down to the intellectual gods. Of course, many Americans dismiss university discipline regarding naturalistic evolution-- about 90% to 95%, depending which survey you use.

A little bit about surveys that include those who believe in theistic or naturalistic evolution

Christopher Columbus had a problem with the established scientific disciplines of his day. Some, though not all, of the ungodly people of the day believed in the flimflam of a flat earth. Columbus, dismissed this "discipline" and said, "It was the Lord who put into my mind (I could feel His hand upon me) the fact that it would be possible to sail from here to the Indies. All who heard of my project rejected it with laughter." I wonder if they called Christopher Columbus a "crackpot." The people who laughed at Columbus were like some of today's university disciplines that are so dogmatic about their baseless evolutionistic and other anti-God concepts. It would be easy to go with the flow, but someone like Columbus always opposes the so-called "intellectuals."

When Galileo proposed the concept that the earth was not the center of the universe, he went against the grain of all the scientists of His day who believed a bit of flimflam science. When ridicule and name-calling didn't work, they petitioned the government to silence Galileo. Some people now try to use the courts to silence creation scientists. It would be easy to go with the flow, but someone like Galileo always opposes the so-called "intellectuals."

I can understand how some anti-Christ and anti-God religionists may hate to read a letter in this column that confirms God and is respectful toward Him. I can understand why they would resort to multiple personal attacks and name-calling in an attempt to try to eliminate any free speech with which they don't agree. If there were any evidence for evolution, these evolutionists would probably give some evidence rather than engaging in name-calling and personal attacks. Instead, they call names while never stating a logical thought, and then they accuse the Christians of being unwilling to enter into an intelligent and logical discussion.

I can even understand an evolutionist wanting to control the messages taught in public schools. I can understand that they would only want their own religion taught. They would want the doctrine of evolutionism, distorted history, political correctness, and other liberal messages taught. That is their religion, and they don't have a lot of patience for anything else.

Open minded skeptics change their minds when they are actually able to investigate the facts.  Dishonest Atheists and people who are closed-minded don't what their presuppositions to be challenged.

Last updated: Apr, 2013
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