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What are the two types of liberalism?


Two Types of Liberalism


There are two types of liberalism: spiritual liberalism and worldly liberalism. The news media, if they use the word, liberal, are almost without exception referring to worldly liberalism.

  • Spiritual liberalism is aware that there is not a just man on earth who does good and doesn't sin.
  • Worldly liberalism is based on the delusion of human goodness when human goodness does not exist except through Christ. Goodness and righteousness are part of salvation.
  • Spiritual liberalism gives out of the pocket of the spiritual person.
  • Worldly liberalism gives out of the pocket of others, mostly tax payers.
  • Spiritual liberalism gives and keeps it hidden.
  • Worldly liberalism gives and calls a press conference and makes sure that everyone knows about it.
  • Spiritual liberalism looks to the Spirit of God to give the power both to will and to do God's good pleasure--which is always love.
  • Worldly liberalism looks to the human to live up to a human standard or at least give the impression of living up to some wildly flexible standard.
  • Spiritual liberalism is kind and forgiving. It causes the followers of Christ to bless those who curse them and to pray for those who spitefully use them.
  • Worldly liberalism becomes angry and impatient. While proclaiming peace, it is full of hate and violence. It causes the worldly to wish harm on their enemies.
  • Spiritual liberalism follows God's absolute law, by the power of the Spirit of God.
  • Worldly liberalism follows what it wants to follow.
  • Spiritual liberalism seeks the Kingdom of God by making Jesus Christ King in the heart and in thought, word and deed.
  • Worldly liberalism seeks to set up the kingdom of god through social programs/socialism/communism without King Jesus.
  • Spiritual liberalism does not accept false science such as evolutionism and global warming stories.
  • Worldly liberalism accepts any false science that helps the liberal cope with being out of the will of God.
  • Spiritual liberalism does not worship the god of human intellect but rather looks to God for revelation, according to the pattern that is clearly written in the Bible.
  • Worldly liberalism worships the god of human intellect.
  • Spiritual liberalism understands that no error has ever been found in the Bible and believes and follows the Bible as the absolute authority and the inspired Word or the Living God.
  • Worldly liberalism thinks there are errors in the Bible to help the liberal cope with being out of the will of God.
  • Spiritual liberalism believes in the absolutes of God and the Scripture but never claims to have absolute understanding of either.
  • Worldly liberalism claims that there are no absolutes, and, of that, they are absolutely sure.
  • Spiritual liberalism is extremely zealous in seeking God and His Love, which is only available through Jesus Christ.
  • Worldly liberalism is extremely zealous in politics and often becomes violent.Without politics and pursuit of pleasure, the liberal's life is empty.
  • Spiritual liberalism seeks to follow all the pattern for the Church that God describes in Scripture.
  • Worldly liberalism follows precepts that have come from their own creativity, speculation, and disobedience.

There are two types of liberalism. As with most subjects where one person is trying to confuse another, the subject of liberal thought is confused by having at least two meanings for the word, liberal. This trick is known as equivocation.

The one meaning of the word, liberal, is to be giving, open-minded, free from bigotry, favoring progress. It is actually the opposite of worldly liberalism.

The other meaning is a mindset stemming from a particular political and philosophical view point. This view point is not open to any other views, but it seeks to limit the ability of those with differing views to express their thoughts. In particular, worldly liberalism will seek to limit the freedom of speech of any person who believes in Jesus Christ and believes that the Bible is the Word of God. This is Worldly liberalism.

We have seen this desire to clamp down on free religious expression in the actions of the A.C.L.U., which seems to favor cases against Christians and in favor of anything that is anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Ten Commandments, anti-Traditional Family, and anti-Bible. We have seen the Ten Commandments removed from schools and court rooms. We have seen crosses removed from public places, and even attempts to remove such types of references from private property. We have seen attempts to remove the words, "in God we trust," and "one nation under God." worldly liberalism is anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Ten Commandments, anti-Traditional Family, and anti-Bible.

Worldly liberalism is very bigoted against anyone who follows God and His commands. Yet, this bigoted form of liberalism will use the label, "bigot," to silence any dissenter. Since this form of worldly liberalism has taken over almost every outlet for expression, news, entertainment, education, magazine, newspaper, it has a great ability to influence public opinion. It seeks to not only influence public opinion. Worldly liberalism wants to control public opinion.

One of the primary commandments of worldly liberalism is, "Do as thou wilt." "Do your own thing." As a result, there is a smorgasbord of worldly Liberal core values, but worldly liberalism doesn't demand that you accept them all. Worldly liberalism says, "Pick the ones you like." You don't need to take them all. You may be surprised to find that you have chosen several of them without being aware of it. One of the main things that you are not allowed to do is to have absolute faith in an absolute God Who gave us an absolute Bible and an absolute salvation. The second thing that you are not allowed to do is to realize that you are absolutely lost without that salvation, destined to an absolute judgment because you do not have absolute righteousness and perfection in yourself, and there is an absolute hell.

Worldly liberalism is usually only generous when it can use other people's money to be generous or when it can gain power in the process by making friends through giving freebies. Freebies are effective for gaining political power. It's amazing how many people are willing to sell their souls to worldly liberalism for a freebie. More rarely, worldly liberals are giving just to prove to themselves that they are good, in which case, they may not tell anyone else of their giving but keep it secret. Mostly, though, they at least want recognition. Jesus, of course talked about this kind of giving as being hypocrisy.

One of the greatest differences between what Jesus reveals and all other religions is that Jesus lets us know that we are incapable of good. Other religions have rules for being good and converts think that they can obey those rules. Jesus tells us that we can't do it, but that He can. So, the two most important things that Jesus made available to any who are willing to follow Him are these: to forgive our sin, and to remove our sin. Many followers of Jesus never even are aware that they can partake of the second gift.

Worldly liberalism has no regard for truth, but only for power.

Worldly liberalism seeks to redefine the home and the family. It seeks to reinvent the church and the gospel. It seeks to promote the false "gospel" of the New Age and the Humanist religion. It seeks to reinvent morality, calling darkness light and light darkness. It tries to convince everyone that evil is good and good is evil.

Worldly liberalism speaks of non-violence, but it is fascinated with violence. Everywhere it has gone, it has increased violence. Socialism, one of worldly liberalism's main thrusts, has brought us the killing machines of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, and Castro. Worldly liberalism's Hollywood turns out one violent movie after another.

Worldly liberalism is constantly accusing falsely for the sake of power. It has no problem with being hypocritical itself, but is always labeling, as hypocritical, those who do not follow worldly liberalism's anti-God morality. Worldly liberalism requires no internal consistency from its leaders. In fact, the lack of integrity and internal consistency in followers of Humanism is looked on as a mark of intellectualism. On the other hand, worldly liberalism finds fault with those who will not bow down to its idols and resorts to every type of knit-picking. In the case of Christians, worldly liberalism requires absolute perfection of them, and worldly liberalism's treatment of Jesus has shown that even absolute perfection will be attacked by worldly liberalism.

Worldly liberalism wants change, but the changes it wants are not progress. The changes that it wants are increasing things like the following: adultery, fornication, perversion, drug use, devil worship, enforced teaching of the SSWAAFT of evolution, more power to the elite of the worldly liberal class, freedom from God, which is slavery to Satan, and persecution of those who follow and have a living experience with Christ. It wants to decrease things like these: freedom to testify of Jesus Christ, life-long marriage between one man and one woman, anti-drug policies that work, prayer, praise of God, belief in the truth found in the Bible, and worship of God.

The main focus is that worldly liberalism is anti-Christ, meaning against Christ. Worldly liberalism doesn't mind religion, and there are many religious worldly liberal churchy type groups.

The thing that worldly liberalism doesn't want you to do is to have an intimate relationship with Christ. It will offer every alternative. It would much rather see you involved in Christian entertainment or intellectually stimulating church services than to have such an intimate relationship with Jesus. Worldly liberalism denies the fact that the living and loving Jesus Christ leads and fellowships with every person who truly seeks Him.

If worldly liberalism can't convince you to forsake Christ altogether, then it will try to get whatever concession it can get. "Just don't speak of Jesus." Just don't say that Jesus is the only way to be saved." "Just rational-lies away one Scripture." "Just rational-lies one change into a verse of Scripture." "Just engage in one little immoral or unethical act." "Just say that one type of sin is not sin."

Using the trick of equivocation, worldly liberalism seeks to trick many into joining forces with it. Some people support worldly liberal causes because they get confused regarding the two meanings of the word, "liberal." Those who are so fooled, don't agree with the real worldly liberal agenda but think they are supporting a cause that follows the first meaning of the word, liberal. These poor folks are used as political pawns by the power mongers of worldly liberalism.

So, which type of liberal person are you?

The Paradigms Of Worldly Liberalism

A paradigm is a particular view of the world. Of necessity, it is not reality, but paradigms appear to be reality to those who are captured by them.  As it is with the word, "liberal," there are two definitions of the word, "liberty." The second form of liberty works within a paradigm, which says that assumptions are more important than facts. Knowledge is thought to stem from creativity of the intellect rather than from observation and experience. For this reason, the facts of what actually was observed are relatively unimportant to the liberal scientist. The facts of what actually happened are relatively unimportant to the New Age liberal historian. the facts of what happened are relatively unimportant to the liberal news caster or reporter.

The word, deconstructionist, is used to describe the process of reinventing things like history, laws, the U.S. Constitution, or the Bible. liberal judges like to deconstruct laws and deconstruct the constitution. They read them as they would like them to be. Liberal law-makers, news people, and entertainers get very angry with constructionist judges, because constructionist judges follow the law. Constructionist judges read what the constitution and the laws actually say.

The same is true of liberal interpretations of science and liberal interpretations of Scripture: the liberals hate those who observe facts as they are and consider the evidence on its own merits. The liberal paradigm centers on the idea that man is God. This paradigm is the mind-set of a religion sometimes known as Humanism, which is actually a denomination of the New Age Religion. New Age is the umbrella organization, which prides itself in "unity in diversity." The one common theme of all New Age denominations is that they are all anti-Christ, anti-Holy Ghost, and anti-God (That is, the God of the Scriptures). The concept of "unity in diversity" explains why such diverse New Age religions can work together for a common goal. The New Age white supremacists can work together with New Age Eco-terrorists, and there is a close relationship between homosexual and pro-abortion advocacy groups. The New Age Atheists can work together with the New Age Spiritists for a certain purpose, and then go back to fighting each other after accomplishing their mutual goal.

The liberal paradigm is the paradigm of liberty. Liberty, as it is defined in this paradigm, means freedom from God's constraints to the greatest possible degree. It is freedom from Jesus Christ and from God.

New Age liberty could easily be called lawlessness, anarchy, instant gratification, and many other names. "Liberal," as it is used here, is that which upholds abortion, envy and covetousness, taking money by force to run government programs that are supposed to move that money to others, drugs, stealing, profanity, fornication, and perversion. It is that which is anti-Christ and anti-God. It seeks to promote false gods while trying to silence the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is called "liberalism," or being at "liberty," when, in fact, it is the cruelest form of slavery that could be imagined.

Freedom from God is slavery to sin, of course.

Liberalism seeks to establish the Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth, but without the King. Now, the liberals find that trying to do the impossible is causing a budget crunch for the Government. Trying to create the Kingdom of Heaven without King Jesus is endlessly expensive and amazingly foolish. Know Jesus; know peace. No Jesus; no peace.

Other New Age denominations say that there will never be a Kingdom of Heaven or a Kingdom of God. They reject everything that the Bible says about the Kingdom of God. Seemingly inconsistent with those who reject what the Bible says about the Kingdom of God, Liberalism actually is trying, through Government programs, to establish the Kingdom of God. The problem, as already stated, is that they have left out King Jesus. They have no regard for Him.

Oddly enough, in order to obtain New Age liberty, it's necessary to enact extreme laws regulating morality. These laws are designed to get rid of the morality of the Bible and establish a New Age new morality. By the way, God calls this new morality, iniquity. It's good to know that God is not impressed with human argument. And a new morality is now in place in our society which has the purpose of making morality seem immoral, silly and strange and immorality seem moral, normal and desirable.

Not only the worldly, but much of what could be called organized religion is descending into the abyss of the "new morality." Included in this rapid descent are both right wing conservative, and the left wing liberal individuals. On the other hand, there is a small remnant that is seeking the Lord with all their might. And that will be all that God needs to do what He intends to do. Whoever seeks Him does find Him, provided that they continue and that they are not double-minded. God knows every person's heart.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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