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There is a Problem with God Speaking? What About the False Prophets and False Teachers?


There is a problem with us hearing God speaking. Though we can see from Scripture that God does speak, though we have experienced His leading, there is a problem. It's not a new problem. It's an old problem. We have seen this problem in the Bible. When Miriam asked, "Does God only speak through Moses?" she was questioning his authority. False prophets and false teachers have said that they were speaking for God, that God was speaking through them. But they were speaking visions out of their own minds.

We are only learning to hear His Voice. We can be fooled by our own minds. God is only able to reveal a bit of His glory to us at a time, since, in our present fallen condition, too much light blinds us. We don't always have extreme confidence that we have heard from God. Sometimes, we have to wait and see if doors open or close. However, there are times when we know that we are hearing God's Voice. For instance, it is quite often that a brother or sister prophesies in a meeting, and we know for certain that God is speaking directly to us in that word/logos/rhema that is spoken. Sometimes, when we read the Bible, some passage jumps out to us and we know exactly what God is saying. There are times when we are tempted to sin, but God speaks into our innermost being and directs us to the way that leads to the genuine and absolute fullness of life. Sometimes, as we are singing hymns in a gathering of Christians, the Presence of the Holy Spirit is so heavy that we can hardly bear the brightness of the light and our frail bodies are shaken by the awsome power.

On the other hand, there is a group right now using the marketing slogan, "God is still speaking." There is nothing wrong with the slogan. It is great. What the organization condones is another story, though, and lets us know immediately that they are not listing to the God Who speaks to us through the Bible. The point is not against the organization but an explanation of why some people are put off by the fact that God does indeed speak. There is danger of interpretation of His Utterance and always has been. And there are many who never stand in His presence but claim to hear Him speak--and that has been for at least several thousand years. There is no difference now, and we all must be careful about following false prophets and false teachers. We also must remember that the fact that there is a false teacher or prophet does not make the real any less real.

The philosophy of this organization may have begun with a Word from God, that Jesus came to save sinners, not those who think they are righteous. But it's very easy to add to God's Words. Jesus comes to save us from our sins too, not just the punishment that is due because of our sins. Jesus came to lift from us the desire to sin. Sin is, after all, leaving the very narrow Way that leads to the genuine and absolute fullness of Life. And whatever the Holy Spirit isn't leading us into and doing through us is sin. He never leads us contrary to His Written Word in the Bible. "For you are to deal with Scripture in such a way that you bear in mind that God Himself says what is written. But since God is speaking, it is not fitting for you wantonly to turn His Word in the direction you wish to go." Martin Luther

So, there will be counterfeits. There will be lies. It seems as though Satan has many fake things for every real thing that God is doing. Satan is a liar and doesn't want us entering into the blessings of God. However, the lie does not make the truth any less true.

Every revelation that God gives you, every guidance for your life, will be in accordance with the Scripture. God will make it plain to you. Sometimes, He does this by closing doors. Sometimes by a feeling. Sometimes by a word. Sometimes by some other spiritual sense. Often, He will speak to you through brothers or sisters in Christ. In many cases He will speak through those He has set in authority over you in your church, a parent, an elder, or an apostle. The "God is still speaking" group is obviously not in conformity with Scripture. God doesn't contradict Himself.

Satan does work constantly to try to confuse the believers.  The most powerful tool he has is the human mind.  The human mind is deceitful and desperately wicked. (references)  That's why we are constantly needing to choose between listening to our own reasoning or seeking God and His Voice.  God speaks to us through all the translations, even as flawed as they are.  It is true that God speaks.  It is also true that our own minds have the capability of tricking us. For this reason, we must always remain humble. Allow for the possibility that we need correction. Allow brothers and sisters in Christ to correct us. Especially allow those who have been set into offices of authority in the church to correct us. This is part of discerning the Body of Christ. Acknowledge Him when He speaks to us through His Body.

This is also true of prophecy, visions, dreams, the counsel of the elders, and every other way God speaks. We all make many mistakes as James said, and we need to be open to the correction of the Holy Spirit.

Here is another problem: There are high-profile teachers who are saying that God doesn't speak to us, that God doesn't lead us. Their motivations may be that of fearing groups like this apostate group mentioned or they may be bound by some extra-biblical dogma that they learned. However, their reasoning is self-refuting.

If they say that God is no longer speaking (an extra-biblical doctrine), then they are claiming that God is still speaking through them. If what they say is true, then it is false. That is the nature of a self-refuting doctrine. It cannot be true.



Last updated: Jan, 2014
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There is a Problem with God Speaking? What About the False Prophets and False Teachers?



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