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How do Evolution's presuppositions and false logic fool people?


If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.


False Logic

Evolution's false logic fools some people and one of the most tricky methods that Evolutionists use is presupposition. Presupposition is, in a way, like a hypnotic suggestion. Evolutionists like to get control of children at an early age so they can use presupposition and other techniques to brainwash them. They make presumptive statements that might begin, "Millions of years ago, when..." They don't state the the earth is millions of years old. They presuppose it. Statements like these work on a subconscious level. If you pay attention, you will hear Evolutionistic presuppositions stated by Evolutionism's zealots in what is called "news," "entertainment,", and "education."

Keep in mind that logic, even when it is used correctly, must have a final foundation.

Humanism (also known as Atheism or Secularism) generally takes three assumptions as their foundation for all thought. These assumptions are materialism (there is no God), Naturalism (God does nothing), and uniformitarianism (there was no creation and there was no great worldwide flood). They use these assumptions plus observation to try to prove Evolution and an old Earth and Universe. Increasingly, the assumptions/presuppositions of billions of year and Evolution are used. Unfortunately, those presuppositions are becoming so strong in some people's minds that they cannot look at any evidence that contradicts their foundational assumptions. They first try to explain away the evidence, and, if that fails, they find ways to ignore the evidence. Assumptions, of course, are arbitrary, and therefore it is illogical to hold to any assumption. It is irrational to think that assumptions have any credibility. We ought to hold our assumptions loosely.

The alternative to assumption is revelation. Revelation can come from one of three sources: God, the human mind, or demons. Since the fall, the human mind has been brought into subjection to Satan, so there actually only two sources of revelation. Revelation either comes from God (only God is good) or from evil.

If you speak to a Naturalist of the revelation that God gives you, the Naturalist will claim that the revelation is also an assumption--that your mind is just making it up. That is because a Naturalist is a person who has a strong assumption of Naturalism, including the lie that God cannot speak. They use their presupposition of this lie, "God does not communicate with us," to filter out God's communication to them, even when God speaks directly to them. They certainly will try to filter out God's Voice when He speaks through you to them. (some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

Watch the following video to gain an understanding of logic and how to use logic in a rational way.

Evolution isn't science.


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Last updated: Apr, 2014
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