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Real Reality. Seek Truth. Truth Fulfills. Lies Frustrate


There is a tremendous volume of fakery that the world has to offer. On the other hand, the Kingdom of Heaven IS reality. This may seem to be an amazing statement, but it is true. This simple statement, "The Kingdom of Heaven IS reality," can help you to have a deeper understanding of many things.

As opposed to the Kingdom of Heaven, the political messages, movies, and much of what is on the internet are all amazingly fake. Unfortunately, the news services and much of what is taught in the schools is also untrue and full of evil worldly counsel. There are messages in print media, TV, etc. that presuppose adultery, impurity, relativism, evolution, Naturalism, no miracles, and no loving Savior or need for a Savior. At our places of work, there are power struggles that are actually sickening and counter-productive. All of these are NOT reality. They are fake.

In the camp meetings this year (2010), it was stressed that the Kingdom exists wherever the King is reigning over His subjects, and we, His subjects, are submitting to His rulership. I believe that this situation of Christ ruling and us submitting is reality--it is dealing with life as it really is. Conversely, situations where Christ is NOT ruling are situations where we are not dealing with life as it really is.

That explains why no one who loves a lie will be allowed into the Kingdom. How could they. Reality and lies are mutually exclusive.

Those lies we harbor in our heart are fully against God, though we also have Christ who is truth in our hearts. We are crucified with Christ and the fleshly nature is hanging on the cross, but crucifixion seems to be a slow death and the flesh keeps trying to influence us from the cross.

Since the fall, the human heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. Our ability to discern truth from lie is greatly hampered. Through obedience, that is, submission to the Spirit of God, over an extended period of time, we gain the ability to discern. This is a movement from light to light, from glory to glory. It does not come suddenly. In addition, God has restored the multiplicity of called (not self-sent) ministries as a safe-guard against errors. Errors, of course, are the same thing that lies are. We may not know that we are believing a lie, but the lie is a lie none the less.

"Reality" is another word for "truth." The opposite of truth is lie. That which is fake is a lie. That which fails to be part of reality is a lie. There is nothing between truth and lie. They are mutually exclusive and absolute. The truth sets us free. Lies bind us up and keep us in bondage. Lies become strongholds of Satan in our minds. (A little science on the human mind ) The truth pulls down those strongholds. Truth is really a person, Christ. Christ is the Head and His body, which really is the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Not too many people are even aware that God re-established the order of the church in 1948 and the years following. Many people who became aware of this have said that the order that God has re-established in the church, home, local, and universal is not important. Those who see this vision are sometimes accused of being picky. They are falsely accused of saying that they are somehow better than others. Those who follow God have always been falsely accused of this.

The problem with man-made orders is that they are not reality. God can use the many organizations and the people in those organizations that follow the precepts of men and not the precepts of God. God loves them. They are born again. And God blesses their work. A prime example is the Billy Graham association. God uses this good organization mightily to bring people to Christ. Yet, there are elements of the organization that do not follow the order that God has laid out in Scripture. Those variations are not reality. There are elements of the members of the organization and the way that they interact that are in keeping with the Kingdom of God. And God calls them, just as He calls all of us, into greater conformity to the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the same way, God has established much of the order for worship, the Scriptural order for church offices, the order for gifts and ministries, the Kingdom principles of being filled with Holy Spirit and being led by the Spirit, and many other Kingdom realities among us. These, when taken as a whole, are real. Yet, when we fail to forgive or fail to see Christ in each other, that is unreal. That is a lie. Lies bind us up. Lies are not according to truth. When we see Christ in each other, then we are seeing things as they really are.

Last updated: Oct, 2011
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