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"What I Don't Know Is Not Important" / Unteachable Fallacy


"What I Don't Know Is Not Important" / Unteachable Fallacy

The "What I Don't Know Is Not Important" / Unteachable Fallacy occurs when arrogance or laziness cause a lack of desire to move forward in understanding.

Examples of the "What I Don't Know Is Not Important" / Unteachable Fallacy

Sandy: “I don’t know about the Scriptural order of the Church, but I don’t think that is important to my Christian walk.”

Rocky: “Do you think that God might have had a reason for designing His Body a certain way?”

When the Holy Spirit speaks to us, our place is to listen and to learn.

Sandy: “I don’t know anything about logic, and I don’t really care about that. I’m born again. That’s all that counts.”

Rocky: “Being born is important. It's not all that counts, though. And, you don't have to know about logic to use it. You do need to know what makes sense and what doesn't, whether or not you use the word, "logic." The most important thing that you need to know about logic is that without hearing God’s voice, there can be no sound logic. Would you like to know why this is true?”

Logic is simple. It goes like this: I believe this one thing because of this other thing. Very simply, A proves B. A must prove B to be true. And A must be true.

The reason that Divine revelation is required is that, without it, every conclusion must be based on something that cannot be known. A bare assertion is a statement that has no conclusive proof.

Any logic, even scientific method, in a secular worldview, is always based on some arbitrary assumptions that cannot be proved. By assuming some true things, such as the regularity of natural laws and the rules of logic, progress can be made, yet the assumptions cannot be known to be true. The assumptions are actually Divine revelations that earlier scientists had received from God but secular scientists have hijacked. As a result, secular thinking can only be used to test what works in the material realm. It is assumed that what works today will work tomorrow. Secular thinking cannot address anything in the spiritual realm. It cannot deal with such things as truth or reality. Because it is impossible to prove anything conclusively using human reasoning, Divine revelation is required to have any proof. For instance, you know that you are born again because you believe in Jesus. No one can believe in Jesus Christ unless the Holy Spirit reveals that to the person by Divine revelation.

In other words, it makes no sense to say, “I believe the Bible because I was taught that it is true.” That proves nothing. The next quote does make sense, in that it gives the reason for belief: “I believe what God says through the Bible because God speaks to me through the Bible and because God also tells me that the Bible is His Word, His Utterance, and that it is without error." This is not the same is proof. The proof is in meeting Jesus Christ and getting to know Him. The proof is in reading the Bible and experiencing the teaching of the Holy Spirit as He streams to you through Scripture. This can be verified by anyone. He will reveal the validity of the Bible to anyone who comes to know Him and begins to hear His Voice and respond in submission to Him. Old fallacies begin to fall away in the Presence of His Holy Spirit.

Last updated: Sep, 2014
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