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What Is Really Wrong With Our Public Schools And Why Have They Failed So Miserably?


While everyone should promote tolerance, a promotion of homosexuality should not be thrust on little children and unexpecting parents. It is absolutely wrong for schools to be used to promote the homosexual lifestyle.

Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

The above quote is part of Mr. Wildmon's response to bold tactics using public schools to promote the homosexual lifestyle. This link is a real revelation of what has happened to the Public Schools.

Years ago, when radical feminists began to use the educational system to sexualize our young daughters-to make them hate men, their parents, and even their unborn children-we asked ourselves the following question: What can you do to fight such a thing?

Mike Adams,

Education has become one of the primary arenas of liberal message control. While using the mantra of "separation of Church and State," liberals have established the New Age religious denominations of Secular Humanism, Agnosticism, and Atheism as the State religions. Secular Humanism, Agnosticism, and Atheism are taught in our schools by default. Since so many of the tenets of Secular Humanism, Agnosticism, and Atheism violate the known laws of physics and the other sciences, the students are brain-washed into a kind of mental activity that is confused and ineffective. The types of mental loops that are required to believe in socialism, evolutionism, feminism and other liberal ideas are illogical and silly, yet they are being taught. And teachers are testing students who are expected to learn to think in these illogical ways. This is true of K-12 schools as well as public Colleges and Universities.


It is interesting that public schools throughout the country are finding that their older schools are inadequate for learning. The buildings just get in the way of teaching. Teacher's unions, like WEAC, do studies that confirm that buildings are really related to a quality education. Every trick in the book is pulled until the big spenders get their new school. The old school is then sold, if possible, for little or nothing, usually to a Christian group who uses it for a school that exceeds the performance of the public school for one half or one third of the cost per student per year. Sometimes, these old schools are simply turned into a tax burden for the residents, or are just left as a vacant eyesore because no one wants them.

Since there are individuals who insist on turning the public schools into parochial schools for the New Age religions, perhaps it is time to end the experiment of letting the State be involved in education. The federal government became involved in education by funding special education activities with the Smith-Hughes Act of 1917. A marked decrease can be noted in the literacy rates since 1917. The more money it costs for public education, the worse the results. The public education system can't seem to manage on a reasonable budget and resorts to excuses when it is apparent that they are not able to consistently educate children. Now, even the basic life skills or reading, writing and math are not being handled adequately.

It may be time for a change. How about turning education back to the private sector, to churches and to homes as it was when things were working? They did a better job in the past. They are doing a better job now, and for less money. Turning the schools into a socialistic experiment appears to have been a big mistake.

A recent analysis of national test score data suggests private schools do a better job than public schools of closing the achievement gap between black and white students as they progress from fourth to 12th grades.

That was true despite the fact that the disproportionately higher dropout rate among African Americans in public schools tends to remove poor performers from the test-taking population of public school seniors.

The Heartland Institute

Crowds of concerned parents, students, and educators rallied in Tallahassee, Florida and Madison, Wisconsin in January and February to show support for defending and expanding school voucher programs that school choice opponents are trying to kill or limit.

On January 24, parents and students who participate in publicly funded school choice programs gathered on the steps of the Florida Supreme Court in Tallahassee to join a group of 18 diverse organizations to file "friend of the court" briefs urging the court to uphold the state's Opportunity Scholarship program. A lower court ruled against the program last year in response to a court challenge by school choice opponents.

On February 8, more than 2,000 parents, students, and teachers converged on the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison to urge legislators to lift a decade-old limit on student enrollment in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) that threatens to disrupt the program next year when participation is expected to surge beyond the cap.

The Heartland Institute

Who concluded that the wisdom of the ages had expired like a "don't sell" label on perishable food? The answer is that no one did. It was forced on English and American societies by tiny elites who thought they knew better than everyone else. An excerpt from Wordsworth's "Lines Written in Early Spring" seems an appropriate response to this educational madness:
"And much it grieved my heart to think
What Man has made of Man."

Cal Thomas

K-12 schools have been turning out ever increasing numbers of illiterate students, although President Bush's No Child Left Behind program has helped somewhat to reverse this trend. College degrees have become little more than certificates of Political Correctness, with students educated into ignorance by teaching them disinformation. The teaching that there is no right and no wrong, no absolutes, lays the basis for corporate corruption and governmental corruption in America. When you see the CEOs going to jail and the dishonest politicians, our godless school systems are largely to blame.

Robert Herbold, a member of the President's Council of Advisers on Science and Technology spoke at Hillsdale College on May 25, 2004. Mr. Herbold pointed out some disturbing facts about the nation's students. We are graduating far too few students with math, engineering, and science majors in the United States, and the result will be a Nation that will not be able to compete on the world market.

The reason for this shortfall in technical people, Mr. Herbold rightly noted, is because of K-12 teachers who are not qualified. These teachers are putting America and the American economy at risk for all the children they are teaching. When America's businesses fail, they will fail for every citizen.

Mr. Herbold summed up the solution as follow:

In the light of this, we need the K-12 teaching community (the union leaders, the administrators, and the teachers themselves) to take responsibility for the poor results they are achieving. We need them to get serious about accountability and teacher qualifications-two core elements of President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" program. We need them to implement the recommendation of the National Commission on Excellence, requiring three years of math and two years of science at the high school level. We need them to support new routes for teacher certification in order to increase the number of teachers qualified to teach math and science. We need them to ease their opposition to vouchers and charter schools, which will bring about the kind of competition that generates broad improvement. And we need them to stop promoting unprepared students to the next grade level.

Probably most important, the K-12 teaching community needs to implement good management practices, such as performance appraisal systems that identify superior teachers. It should then reward those teachers with salary increases of 10 percent or more per year, leading to annual wages of over $100,000. Equally as important, it needs to isolate the bottom 5-7 percent of teachers, put them on probation, and-if no progress is made within a reasonable period-terminate them.

In order to accomplish these reforms, the K-12 education community needs to tackle its budgets with gusto and re-allocate fund. The Department of Education points out that only 53% of K-12 education funding is currently spent on instruction. That is far, far too low a percentage.

We need for the K-12 teaching community to take responsibility and implement these reforms in an urgent manner. If they do not, all of us in our individual communities need to hold that community to account. Failure to address our immense shortcomings in science and math education is unacceptable and will inevitably lead to the weakening of our nation.

End of Quote, bolding added by

source: Imprimis, The National Speech Digest of Hillsdale College

Mr. Herbold mentioned the fact that science and math are not being taught to the extent that they should be taught in K-12 schools. What is being taught is political correctness classes that teach precepts that are of questionable value. Liberalism is being taught instead of the skills of reading, writing, science, and math. In addition, the false science of evolution is taught in virtually every public school. The type of reasoning that is required of any person who would hold evolutionistic paradigms in high regard is the very type of reasoning that bankrupts businesses and scuttles projects. In addition, liberal relativism is the driving force for lack of integrity in business, leading to fraud, and more business failures. In the final analysis, liberalism hurts every American.


"We need the K-12 teaching community (the union leaders, the administrators, and the teachers themselves) to take responsibility for the poor results they are achieving." (Of course that leaves out parents, perhaps the greatest failure - our homes)

As for the math/science deficiencies, I don't personally think that the failure is necessarily greater there. We're not even teaching basic life skills, reading, writing and 'rithmetic, and perhaps the greatest failure is in character education which is almost nil in today's schools.
I could make a similar case for other areas being most deficient, such as geography/history/civics. We are turning out graduates who don't have a clue of where we are in the world, geographically, historically, politically, etc. Likewise with language/communication skills -- total inability to write, speak or otherwise communicate effectively. One could go on and on. So it's far more than a math/science problem.
As for the aspirations for $100,000 teacher salaries, that's a pipe dream because of the mass numbers of teachers and it's unnecessary. Money isn't the problem, except in the minds of Union folks. Even teachers don't rank money as the big problem. More concerned about parent & administrative support, good discipline, etc. By far the most effective schools today are some of the low budget faith-based private schools.

Ideally, no child should have to endure a poor teacher. Or a system that's more concerned with any number of things - providing employment for teachers, producing winning football teams, funneling tax dollars into the community, etc. - than it is with teaching children. Paul Greenberg

So has the strong tendency to convert moral and social questions into issues of individual rights, usually constructed and then messaged by judges to place them beyond the reach of majorities and the normal democratic process.

John Leo



Last updated: Oct, 2011
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