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What church is proclaiming Gods word truely and without iniquity?


It seems that most organizations claim to proclaim God's word truly and without iniquity, but that would be quite an accomplishment if it were true. One large denomination used to make the claim that they are the denomination that teaches the word of God in its truth and purity--I don't know if they are still making that claim. Another group claims to have the full gospel--that is, they now know it all.

Speaking of the Christians of that day including the apostles, the Bible says, "We all make many mistakes." The Bible also shows by example that even those apostles did make mistakes.

God knows that men are fallible. They get it wrong. That's why God did not leave the Church to democratic government or the rule of one person or a board. God did not give the task of receiving revelation to theologians or to scholars. Jesus gave the gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher to the Church. These men walk in unity. They must be set by God. They cannot appoint themselves, get into office by election, get into office by education, or send themselves. They determine doctrine, knowing that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, so they teach no other doctrine than the apostles' doctrine. They abide in unity in the apostles' doctrine. If one man thinks he receives a revelation but the other apostles don't see it yet, that man waits until God reveals it to all. They are each under the government of all the others. An example of this is the fifteenth chapter of Acts. Paul said, "We know in part," and that is still truth. The nature of truth is such that until you have all the truth, you really know nothing as you ought to know it. Those things we know are for us and for out children, but those things that are hidden and secret belong to God until God reveals them through His holy apostles and prophets.

Beyond that, if any man says he is without sin, he is a liar. The spiritual man, that Christ within every Christian, cannot sin, but the natural man, that carnal nature within every Christian, cannot help but sin. (1 Jn. 3:4-11) We look forward to that day that we walk into the glory of God to the point where the Church is one and proclaims the word of God truly and without iniquity.

Our local church has submitted to the authority set by God in that great move of the Spirit of 1948 when the nine gifts of the Spirit and the government of the church were restored by the Holy Spirit. There is a great benefit to following the orders of Scripture even though we don't know everything nor do we have all spiritual power. God has asked us to allow His process and His way to work as we walk in humility and submission before Him.

Last updated: Aug, 2013
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What church is proclaiming Gods word truely and without iniquity?

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