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Youth -- Sayings About Youth


A debutante is a young girl with bride ideas.

A girl who is free for the evening could be very expensive.

A raving beauty is a girl who finished second in a beauty contest.

Adolescence is when children start trying to bring up their parents.

Adolescence: When youth assumes the responsibility for answering the phone.

Adult education often begins with a teenage marriage.

All children, even those who don't deserve it, need love.

Children are often expected to learn good manners without seeing any.

Everybody in the family should be a member of the crew, not a passenger.

Everything in the modern home is controlled by switches except the children.

No two children are alike--especially if one is yours and the other isn't.

Picture windows and small feet tend to bring the outdoors into the living room.

Teenagers arise and act now while you still know everything.

Teenagers get confused when some advise: "Find yourself," while others say: "Get lost."

The best marriage counselor is the child who hugs Mom and Dad at the same time.

The biggest objection to the younger generation is that many of us don't belong to it.

The clothes that keep a boy looking his best are often worn by girls.

There are times when a youngster can be straightened out by bending him over your knee.

Too many parents are not on spanking terms with their children.

Up to sixteen, a lad is a Boy Scout.  After that he is a girl scout.

Youth is such a wonderful thing; it's a shame to waste it on children.

Every once in a while some falsified research is brought out to suggest that promiscuity in young people doesn't have harmful emotional consequences, but decades of research demonstrates that teens who engage in promiscuity experience increased depression and decreased self-worth.

Promiscuity in young people is just as destructive as it is in anyone else.

Last updated: Jul, 2010
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