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A Balanced Life


You will see a lot of Christians who are out of balance.  Christ is balanced.  If we are really following Jesus, we will be balanced.

Some study the word a lot, but nothing else.  Some pray a lot, but nothing else.  Some go to church a lot, but nothing else.  Some serve a lot, but nothing else.   It is very necessary that each ministry has its special emphasis, but there also should be a balance.  No one is totally one-faceted, and we all need each other to balance one another.  That is why Christ is a Body here on earth joined to the Head in Heaven.

Another way to be out of balance is to do things God has not led you to do.  There are many religious things that people do.  In many cases, Jesus never told them to do those things.  In many cases, Jesus led them to do those things and then they stopped listening to Jesus and started doing those things over and over and over. 

Here is another way to be out of balance.  If we listen to our fleshly natures, we will go out of balance.  We all have a fleshly nature, the part of our mind that is still in slavery to our bodies.  Our bodies are not redeemed and are slaves to Satan.  That is why we don't listen to the driving demands of our bodies but rather listen to the Voice of Christ, the Holy Spirit.  If we can do that, when we go to work, whatever the work may be, we are in the Spirit.  Our work becomes holy.  When we play with our children, we are in the Spirit, following the leading of the Spirit, and our play is holy.  When we teach our families in the way, we are in the Spirit too.  Every part of our life is holy before God.  When we try in our own effort, we do dead works.  No matter how good it may look to us and to others, our own works are filthy rags.  Only that which the Grace of God does through us will stand the fire when it is tested.  Only those works that flow from the Grace of God will result in spiritual maturity.  Our own self-generated works will actually result in us becoming less mature.

Last updated: Feb, 2012
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