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The Meaning of Life


So what is the meaning of life? You were designed and made for better than what you have been experiencing. You probably know intuitively that we are living far below what God has planned for us. You were designed and made for glory, to have the power of the Spirit of God flowing through you. Your spirit was made to be joined to the Spirit of God. Your mind, your soul, your heart, does not function as designed without the flow of the Holy Spirit through it. You were designed to flow in submission to the mind and power of God. You were designed for something greater, and the church was designed by God for something greater than dead form and ritual or entertainment or dead speculative dissertations about doctrine. This is your destiny and purpose. This is the meaning of life.

The meaning of life is that the Almighty Creator God can do His works through you. That is, His Divine Love can flow through you. When His Love flows through you and does His Works through you, that is the definition of righteousness. All sin, whether it is stealing, adultery, rebellion, or whatever, is simply not allowing God's love to flow through you. When you try to have love in your own strength or try to manufacture human love, this is what is known as self-righteousness. It is a substitute for the real and genuine meaning of Life.

Not only that, but you were designed and made to fit into a specific place in Christ's Body in a specific order defined by God. Jesus is in heaven, and He has a Body here on Earth. God's ultimate plan is to reconcile everything to Himself. God has both a process and a pattern for this reconciliation. In God's pattern and process is the true meaning of life. Anyone who does not understand this cannot possibly find the meaning of life. There are many ways that this is described in the Bible, but it comes down to the same thing: God gave a pattern for the Church, Christ's Body, and God's process is that He leads and we follow by the Power of the Holy Spirit.


You were created to be joined to God through the work that the Lord, Jesus Christ did. That joining is beyond what you can imagine. The Bible refers to this joining as the manifestation of the Sons of God and also the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. The true Church is the Body of Christ, consisting of all believers, both living and dead. The Head of the Body is Jesus in Heaven. Every member of the Body will come into complete unity with the Head Who is in Heaven and with every other member of the Body that is on Earth. When complete, this will bring in that great and terrible day of the Lord. The veil of the flesh will be removed. This web site shows all these things in Scripture. Romans 8:18-23 are two of the many Scriptures that tell us about it. Actually, this good news is throughout both the Old and the New Testaments and has been hidden for almost 2,000 years, yet God restored this truth to the Church since that great move of the Spirit which started in 1948.

A first step is required. First you must believe in Jesus--if you do believe, you are born into the family of God--it is a re-birth (Acts 16:31, 1 Peter 1:23). Re-birth makes you part of Christ's Body (1 Cor 12:27). This believing is actually a trust, a supernatural trust that is a gift from God. If you can sense this trust in Jesus, this supernatural trust is faith. It is a trust that Jesus can forgive your sins and actually free you from slavery to your old sinful nature. It involves a change of your mind, which is what repentance means. This is a change to desire to obey and serve Christ rather than being a slave to Satan. Sounds impossible, but God gives you His Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God sets you free to walk in light instead of darkness.

Once you have been born again through the blood of Jesus, you are called to come out of the useless orders of the culture and to come into the patterns that God established for your fulfillment. You have a seed, a part of Jesus in you--Christ in you, the hope of glory (Col. 1:27). Your completeness is in finding your place in the Body of Christ, completed and fulfilled by the Head, Jesus, and the rest of the Body. Just as with the human body, everything must be in order and connected properly. The Body of Christ is being formed, and the gifts, ministries, offices, and orders of this Body are the mechanisms by which you must find your fulfillment. When it is complete, this Body of Christ is the very manifestation of the sons of God, the redemption. That is why Satan makes every effort to tell Christians that these things are not relevant, interesting, or important. The more the Body of Christ varies from the pattern of Scripture, the more useless and meaningless it becomes. Extra-biblical perversions of this Body frustrate the grace of God. The more that you are out of unity with the Body of Christ or out of the place in this Body for which God designed you, the more useless and meaningless your life becomes. To be separated from the Body of Christ is like your eye thinking it is the whole body. It is as useless as a brick without a building to be part of. It is as useless as your finger would be if you cut it off.

Wisdom consists of the free gift of Righteousness, which leads to Holiness, and then to Redemption

God will not force you to fulfill your destiny, of course. It is possible, and very common, for Christians to proceed in a downward spiral, following the leading of their own fleshly nature into ungodly acts that lead to a corrupt heart that is unholy, and finally leading to a miserable, unfulfilled life.

Ephesians 4:11-16 & Romans 8:18-23

As one of those who yields to the Spirit of God, here is what you can expect. As you yield to the Spirit, God will give you His thoughts, words, and actions. This will actually slowly transfigure you by planting good spiritual seed into your mind, your soul, your heart. The inconsistencies in your mind will start to die away. God will begin removing the veil of your flesh that has been blinding you. Your tastes, desires, longings, and ambitions will slowly change to be like God's. God is Love. You will have a heart full of love. Your spiritual senses will gradually be opened, and you will be gradually better able to discern the Body of Christ. Rather than being critical of your brother and sister in Christ, you will see Christ in them. Rather than condemning yourself, you will recognize that you have flesh, but the real you is the Christ in you. You will know exactly what your purpose is and what needs to be done, and you will do it by the power of the Holy Spirit. Righteousness is a free gift to you. You will love those who are not saved as God loves them and wants them to turn to Him. You will bless those who curse you and pray for those who are mean to you and use you. Eventually, life will flow to your entire being as you yield to God and He does His work through you, and it will be easier to do righteousness than to do sin.

God has a pattern for you to grow to fullness. He has a plan for you that is much higher than the plan you have for yourself. God has so much more for you than you ever imagined. He has a pattern by which you can receive all that He has for you. Trying in your own strength will do nothing for you. Trying in your own way will do nothing for you. God has a purpose for you.

The way is simple. It is through the Church that the full work of Christ will be appropriated. The Church must be built according to God's pattern.



Last updated: Nov, 2013
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