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Jesus Christ Has Historically United America. Secularism Divides And Destroys America

Jesus Christ has historically united America.  In America's early days, even the non-Christians were salted by the saltiness of the Christians.  There was a standard for moral behavior, and that standard was the Bible.  There was a standard for law, and that standard was the Bible.
It is the gaining strength of Secularism that has begun to divide and destroy America with growing momentum in the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries.  Secularism works against Jesus Christ. 
In the early days, almost every American was a Christian of some sort, and the sorts were mostly divided by geography into the first states.  The denominations were careful to add the Second Amendment so that no single state's denomination would get into power and declair itself to be the "established" religion.  As Secularists leveraged and networked their way into power, they used this same Second Amendment to rationalize themselves into the established religion.  They declared that they are not a religion.  Of course, Secularism is a religion.  It's doctrines include Humanism, Evolution, Liberalism (human goodness), Socialism, Relativism, and Rationalism.  Lately, Secularism has added the doctrines of Global Warming and Post Modernism to this list.  The Secularists have become experts at promoting their doctrines and they are always working to silence the Christian counterparts to their doctrines.
Europe is mainly Secularist and cheers the American Secularists and opposes the American Christian influence.  Secularists have always shouted louder and exercised a rougher form of politics than Christians.  The Secularists have worked very hard to control every form of mass communication, including the schools, the news services, the entertainment industry, and the printed media.  This is probably because the Christians look to a higher hope and the Secularists have their hope in politics and the power in the present realm.  As the Secularists have infiltrated the churches and brainwashed the Christians through their entertainment and news media, the Christians have looked increasingly like Secularists.  As a wise man once said, "If there is no difference, there is no difference."  Now, America sees itself moving away from Jesus and toward Secularism year by year.
Yet, there is a remnant.  There are Christians who walk seriously before God.  These Christians are actually coming closer to Jesus year by year.  They are following the pattern of Scripture.  God is rewarding their obedience with a greater understanding of Scripture, line on line and precept on precept.  They are, as Paul exhorted, yielding their members as instruments of righteousness to holiness.  They are accepting, not only forgiveness but also redemption, sanctification, and holiness.  They are accepting the free gift of righteousness.  They may falter and stumble, but they get up again, freshly forgiven and ready to move on with God.
The Secularists, of course, attack at every opportunity.  They accuse when there is stumbling and when there is righteousness.  When a Christian woman's teenage daughter becomes pregnant, the Secularists attack.  When a Christian asks why there is no evidence for doctrines such as Evolution or Global Warming, Secularists attack.  When a Christian stands up to defend the right to life of an unborn baby or an older American, the Secularists attack.  When a Secularist tries to get a Christian unsaved, nothing is said.  When a Christian tries to bring a Secularist the Secularists attack.
We will see how this battle plays out in America.  One thing is certain.  God will always have a people and His plan will succeed.

Last updated: Aug, 2010
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Jesus Christ Has Historically United America. Secularism Divides And Destroys America

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