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Conservatism Refers To Conserving, But Don't Conserve Everything


Don't Conserve Everything


Conservatism refers to conserving. That's why, in the former USSR, a conservative is one who wants Communism while in the US, a conservative is one who doesn't want Communism. That is to say, a conservative in the USSR is a leftist, in favor of Communism, while a conservative in the US is right wing, opposed to Communism.

The good side of conservatism is that conservatives are not open to destroying what we already have. They are not open to the wild claims, speculations, unsupported suppositions, and silly scoffing of liberalism.

The bad side of conservatism is that conservatism sometimes conserves the status quo even if that is the wrong thing to do. Of course, there are various forms of conservatism. Some conservatism is concerned, as Mark Levin states in Liberty and Tyranny, with the "preservation and improvement" of civil society. Levin quotes Edmund Burke to make this point: "a state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation." The statist embraces radical change as a means to extend power over others. This is because the statist believes that it is possible to make things much better given enough power and money. The statist believes that the Kingdom of God can be established on earth without King Jesus.

So in some ways, Christians are and should be conservatives, but they cannot be liberal in the sense of believing in human goodness. The human goodness cult is anti-Christ. The human goodness cult says there is no need for Christ. It does not admit its lostness and hopelessness without Jesus Christ. It does not cry out for forgiveness. It thinks it can do good works without the power of the Holy Spirit. It thinks it can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without being born again, or, worse yet, rejects the idea of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Christians must conserve those things they have received of the revelation that God has given. Since we are all at different maturity levels, we are all keeping certain things as sacred, but God may have revealed more to you than to me or vice versa. Some have said that there are some basic fundamentals that every Christian must believe, and they call themselves fundamentalists. However, not all fundamentalists agree as to what those fundamental beliefs are.

Christians are conservatives in the sense that they reject many of the anti-Christ declarations of liberalism: unproven ideas like evolutionism, global warming, the notion of the hole in the ozone layer, warped history, claims of Bible error, socialism/communism, natural human goodness claims, rejection of Christ, soulish and even devilish music to replace spiritual music, relativism, post modernism, chaos theory, or high-cost, low-success school systems.

Christians must not conserve the flesh. Christians must not only conserve the good, but they must also progress when God tells them to do so. They need to be open-minded to God but closed-minded to the devil. They must conserve the Spiritual, but not conserve soulishness, error, or spiritual deadness. There is no need to conserve empty form and ritual or extra-biblical rules, patterns, or rules. There is no need to conserve that which is not according to the pattern of Scripture no matter how hard it is to leave old bad things behind.

Last updated: Nov, 2011

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