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What Is Conservatism?


What Is Conservatism?  

Conservatism refers to conserving, whether conserving good things or bad things.  However, the meaning of the word, conservatism, has been changed to mean: anyone who opposes the liberal characteristics.  And, liberals have defined three levels of conservatives, receiving increasing levels of liberal hate as you go from "conservative" to "ultra-conservative" and finally to the most hated "ultra-conservative Christian."   So the word, conservative, has been altered.  It's meaning has been changed.  It almost means "Christian" now, while the word, liberal, has almost changed to mean "anti-Christ."  Yet, conservatism still is used for the original meaning, "to conserve or keep things as they always were."  There is a confusion that is brought about.  Some people are conservatives only because they hate to see the Government waste so much money.  Others are conservatives because they hate to see the Government spending money to kill babies.  Others are conservatives simply because they hate change.   According to its classical definition, conservatism wants to keep things the same as they always were.  For this reason, there is a certain laodicean lukewarmness to conservativism.   Where Liberalism seeks to usurp, Conservatism tends to abdicate.  Conservatives tend to say, "I have legal authority to do this, but someone may not like it, so I won't take my responsibility.  Liberals tend to say, "I know it's illegal and unethical, but I'm going to do it anyway."    

As an example, in the U.S., we can look at the abuse of power by the liberal judges as an example of liberal usurping of power. We can see the lack of intervention by the executive branch in these cases of judicial abuse of power as an example of conservative abdication.  

Conservatism can know that the source is foul (as in the news media, the liberal education system, or the entertainment industry) and yet continue to go to that source because that's the way it has always been.  Conservatives have a hard time dealing with change... because they are conservatives.

Last updated: Nov, 2011

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