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India 3 4 2005


Greetings from Bro Merv Smith, David Luff, and myself (Andy Snoke) from South India.  
Up to 365 souls gathered from Mar 1 to Mar 5 to share in the teaching of the Kingdom of God, here in South India. We met in a wonderful meeting hall, with the doors and windows open, straining to protect us from the South India hot sun.  
Our meetings were intense, over 8 hours per day plus additional time for morning devotions and singing. Our meetings were only slightly interupted for three meals per day of colorful Indian fare.  
God met us at these meetings. Many were baptized in the Spirit, and prophesied as they were taught. The Lord seem to impress that He is not calling superstars, but men and women who humbly desire to His Holy will and nothing else.  
At the beginning of the week, and nice young pastor shook my hand and told me that he had a great ministry! By the end of the week, he came and asked that we pray for him, that simply he could be the servant of God. Gone were the aspirations for personal greatness, replaced with the sentiments of one John the Baptist: He must increase, and I must decrease.  
We were so pleases to see the traveling deacons and board members taking steps to grow the unity here in India. And they must. There are 250 to 300 churches stretching through out India, into the country of Nepal and Bhutan. Many have experienced persecution by the Hindu culture. Some slight, some severe. But the Church continues to grow in the Spirit.  
Today, we concluded with a foot washing service. We watched as we saw good Indian brethren, who were at odds with one another, reach out in love and wash one another's feet. God is moving in India.  
My good Brother in Christ washed my pale toned North American feet. As I look down, I could see the very life of Christ, humbled and washing my feet. Soon, I had the priveldge of bowing down, with a towle wrapped around my waist. I washed the well weathered feet of my Brother, and prayed God's very best for him.  
The three of us have been blessed here. The 3 of us share one humble room together with the only A/C which brought much comfort from the relentless Sun. Our comfort was only pucntuated by the fire that broke out in our room as the A/C caused a short, which started our curtan on fire while we were in Church. Buckets of water were tossed and contained the fire. We lost no belongings. Our only distraction was the smell of smoke that permeated our room and our clothes. A small penalty for what could have been. Continue praying for us. Continue praying for our families at home. Continue praying for India.  

God Bless!

Andy Snoke, for the Brethren

Last updated: Aug, 2010

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