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Ask For Help (poem)


As I strive to walk upon this path they call life,
Sometimes it seems snowed in, by strife.
The snowdrifts at times look way to high,
Rather than wade through, I sit down and cry.

Looking to the left, then to the right, I see nothing but CLIFF,
Ahead of me only this enormous snowdrift.
So, at the path I've already traveled, I stare,
But I have no doubt; I don't want to go back there.

Instead I close my eyes and to the Lord I pray,
He reminds me "just enjoy the moment, and you'll enjoy the day"
Opening my eyes, rather than a drift, a wonderful creation I see,
Knowing all I need do is ask, and the Lord will carry me.

So up on his back I get, not surprising the worry is all gone,
He renews my faith and gives me strength to face the dawn.
With a smile, a giggle and joy in my heart
I thank God and know from him I can never part.

Why is it then I have to be reminded again and again
The Lord will replace sunshine for the snow or rain?
At times the words to pray won't come, all I have to do is praise him.
In doing that alone, he has proven, He'll not leave me on a limb.

Each morning I must ask him to help and guide
And be willing to set my own will to the side.
Allowing his Wisdom and Love to get me through
In doing so my self peace and happiness will grow too!

Cindy Read -- Prince George, BC
written: Oct., 2000

Last updated: Jul, 2010
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