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Bible Dictionary: Define Unclean, Definition of Unclean


02931 tame’ taw-may’
from 02930, Greek 5090 and 924 adj; {See TWOT on 809 @@ "809a"}
AV-unclean 79, defiled 5, infamous 1, polluted 1, pollution 1; 87
1) unclean, impure
1a) ethically and religiously
1b) ritually
1c) of places

02932 tum’ah toom-aw’
from 02930; n f; {See TWOT on 809 @@ "809b"}
AV-uncleanness 26, filthiness 7, unclean 4; 37
1) uncleanness
1a) sexual
1b) of filthy mass
1c) ethical and religious
1d) ritual
1e) local (of nations)

02930 tame’ taw-may’
a primitive root; v; {See TWOT on 809}
AV-unclean 74, defile 71, pollute 14, uncleanness 1, utterly 1; 161
1) to be unclean, become unclean, become impure
1a) (Qal) to be or become unclean
1a1) sexually
1a2) religiously
1a3) ceremonially
1b) (Niphal)
1b1) to defile oneself, be defiled
1b1a) sexually
1b1b) by idolatry
1b1c) ceremonially
1b2) to be regarded as unclean
1c) (Piel)
1c1) to defile
1c1a) sexually
1c1b) religiously
1c1c) ceremonially
1c2) to pronounce unclean, declare unclean (ceremonially)
1c3) to profane (God’s name)
1d) (Pual) to be defiled
1e) (Hithpael) to be unclean
1f) (Hothpael) to be defiled

02933 tamah taw-maw’
a collateral form of 02930; v; {See TWOT on 810}
AV-defiled 1, vile 1; 2
1) (Niphal) to be stopped up
1a) to be regarded as unclean (metaplastic)

05079 niddah nid-daw’
from 05074; n f; {See TWOT on 1302 @@ "1302a"}
AV-separation 14, put apart 2, filthiness 2, flowers 2, far 1, set apart 1, menstruous 1, removed 1, unclean thing 1, unclean 1, uncleanness 1, menstruous woman 1, removed woman 1; 29
1) impurity, filthiness, menstruous, set apart
1a) impurity
1a1) of ceremonial impurity
1a2) of menstruation
1b) impure thing (fig.)
1b1) of idolatry, immorality

New Testament:

169 akathartos ak-ath’-ar-tos
from 1 (as a negative particle) and a presumed derivative of 2508 (meaning cleansed); TDNT-3:427,381; {See TDNT 342} adj
AV-unclean 28, foul 2; 30
1) not cleansed, unclean
1a) in a ceremonial sense: that which must be abstained from according to the levitical law
1b) in a moral sense: unclean in thought and life

Greek: koinos, #2839, meaning
probably from 4862; TDNT-3:789,447; {See TDNT 395} adj
AV-common 7, unclean 3, defiled 1, unholy 1; 12
1) common
2) common i.e. ordinary, belonging to generality
2a) by the Jews, unhallowed, profane, Levitically unclean

Greek: koinoo, #2840, meaning
from 2839; TDNT-3:809,447; {See TDNT 395} v
AV-defile 11, call common 2, pollute 1, unclean 1; 15
1) to make common
1a) to make (Levitically) unclean, render unhallowed, defile, profane
1b) to declare or count unclean

Some words that have been mistakenly translated to unclean when they actually mean something else:

06172 ‘ervah er-vaw’
from 06168; n f; {See TWOT on 1692 @@ "1692b"}
AV-nakedness 50, nakedness + 01320 1, shame 1, unclean 1, uncleanness 1; 54
1) nakedness, nudity, shame, pudenda
1a) pudenda (implying shameful exposure)
1b) nakedness of a thing, indecency, improper behaviour
1c) exposed, undefended (fig.)

06945 qadesh kaw-dashe’
from 06942; n m; {See TWOT on 1990 @@ "1990c"}
AV-sodomite 5, unclean 1; 6
1) male temple prostitute

Last updated: Mar, 2013
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