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Antichrist Assertion: Christians Shouldn't Speak


We actually have received emails stating things such as: "Sincerely, tired of hearing your religious guff." Some of the emails that we have received that demand that Christians not express themselves or only express themselves in private have been so filthy that we could not print them here.  This is usually a tactic of those who are insincere and merely trolling, that is, they troll for Christians as one would troll for fish, with provocative statements or questions but a mind that is totally closed and set on destruction.  Here is a page on how to handle trolling.

Before we deal with how to respond to this sort of bullying tactic, we should say some things regarding testifying to those who don't want to hear the gospel. The reason that an unbeliever would not want to hear the gospel or a believer would not want to hear the gospel more completely is because they don't want to obey God. Jesus said, "If you really want to obey God, you will know if what I teach comes from God or from Me." And He also said, "There is a judge for the one who rejects Me and does not accept My words; that very word which I spoke will condemn him at the last day" (John 12:48) Whoever wants to obey God can hear the words of God and discern that those words are coming from God. This is true whether they are hearing the utterance of God through the Bible, listening to a Christian speak or sing, observing the creation [science], receiving a dream or vision, or hearing God through any of the other ways God speaks.

(some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

What the ungodly person is saying is that they want to be able to spread their religion (Atheism in most cases) to the exclusion of all other ideas. At the very least, they do not want Christians to speak. This is an intimidation tactic. The governments of the world are increasingly hostile toward Christ as the entire world appears to be moving toward the end of this current eon. We see the moral fabric of the world falling into chaos. Christians are reminded not to fear or be intimidated by the ungodly. Christians must walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, always speaking the truth in love regardless of the threats of the slaves of Satan.

In answer to the question, "Why do you care what Christians believe?" a writer on a blog said the following: "We don't care what you do with your lives. If you want to sit around in the dark talking to yourself, and if that makes you happy, that's okay with us. [Do you think this person is a bit condescending and judgmental?] But when you come out of your little room, and start trying to shove your fantasies down our throats, and pervert our government so it follows your religion, and prevent us from getting medical treatments we need because you think "god" doesn't like them, then we get mad! And when you try to pervert our children with your weird beliefs, we get REALLY MAD!"

Pretty strong judgmental-ism here and a lot of hate. Apparently, this person thinks that they can have hate and judge but no one else should.

An easy way to handle these people is to tell them the truth:

Every evidence that is used against God consists of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity).

Whatever they come back with will consist of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity), so just say some variation of the following:

Thank you for providing an excellent example: Every evidence that is used against God consists of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity). (example using this on an blog)

And what could these "medical treatments" be? Marijuana? Killing their unborn babies for convenience? Sex changes? Who knows really, but there is some very strange logic going on in the statement.

And this person, who is very active in politics, is apparently angry that followers of Christ vote. This person who is in favor of shoving his fantasies down the throats of Christians would certainly promote the teaching of such fantasies as Evolution to children in schools. They picture themselves as non-judgmental and yet they say such terrible things as these.

There are people around the world who are dying for the testimony of Jesus Christ. It has always been so and it will be until the end of this current eon.

How to handle this form of bullying:

It would be good to point out to them that this is bullying. You could say, "That seems like a bullying tactic." or "Are you trying to bully me?" You could ask them, "It would be in your interest if you were able to spread your religious opinions to the exclusion of all others, wouldn't it?"

In a written statement like this, you can't hear voice inflection or see facial expression. Be careful that your's is kind. You can speak about hard things without being unpleasant in the way you present. Satan would love to have you pick up their angry spirit from them. Don't go there. Remain in prayer. Let the Holy Spirit minister through you.

Be led of the Spirit as to whether or not you should even be spending any time at all with the person. Some people just will never turn toward God.

A person who says something like this is likely to be engaged in various forms of sin. They know they are in sin. They know that God will judge them for it. They are trying to keep their minds from even thinking about this. Your very presence, if you are walking in Christ and His righteousness, is an offense to them. You remind them of the judgment of God just by your presence. When you don't use vulgar language or get angry, this bothers them. When you don't go out drinking, that bothers them.

Sometimes, we want to bring these people to Christ but they are so hardened against Christ that every spiritual thing seems to be foolishness to them. Don't decide God's purpose in the conversation for God. There is seed that is sown on stony ground. You know it won't grow. There is seed that is sown on the trampled path. You know it won't grow. There is seed that is sown into the thorns, and you know that won't grow either. Yet, the seed needs to be sown. Go ahead without fear. Your responsibility is to say what God gives you to say. If the person is hardened, then that person will not be able to understand you. Their eyes will be blind and their ears will be deaf to the things of the Spirit of God.

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Last updated: Sep, 2013
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