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God Knows Why People Reject Him.


Those who reject God do so because they don't want the God of Love ruling them. They don't want the power of God's Love being the motivating empowerment in their lives. They want the self-glorification and self-gratification of their own flesh, their human mind, spirit, and emotion, to rule over them and be the power in their life. For this reason they are willing to go through unbelievable mental gymnastics and speak of their loopy logic, calling it "science," which it is not. They seek to denigrate anyone who will not bow down to their false "science." They refuse to see God's active Hand in the lives of men and women. Being unable to deal with the reality of the loving God, they seek to find a naturalistic/materialistic explanation for every miracle of God. They hate God and God knows it.

Those who reject God are rejecting Love. They want darkness more than they want Light. No one has ever found an error in Scripture, and those who don't want the Bible to be God's Word do so because they want to follow the leading of their own mind rather than receiving the revelation of God's will in their lives. They want darkness, and they hate the pure love of God. They desire pleasure more than they love God. They want to call good "evil" and they want to call evil "good." They try to rationalize to themselves and to others that God will not see and that God will not judge. God knows that all the arguments come from a rebellious heart and He holds out His hand for any who will turn from their rebellion and who will turn to Him.
John 3:19
2 Timothy 3
I John 4:16

Last updated: Nov, 2010
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God Knows Why People Reject Him.

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