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Is The Mainstream Media Fair And Balanced Or Are They Clearly Ungodly


Fred Barnes, Executive Editor of The Weekly Standard, says: "The most rigid form of secularism passes as the standard in mainstream journalism these days." The word, secular, is a synonym for the Bible's use of the word, ungodly. (Psalm 1:1, 4, 5, & 6, 43:1, Proverbs 16:27). When Fred Barnes writes of the concept of rigid secularism, he is simply using another term for what is in fact dogmatic ungodliness. Yes, ungodliness is a religion, a cultic religion. It is the anti-God and anti-Christ religion that the Bible mentions. Ungodliness is not a synonym for godless. Ungodliness is a religion that serves the human or organizations or anything but the true God. No one is godless because everyone serves God or else some other gods. Other gods usually consist of some form of bondage to the fleshly nature, and the fleshly nature is in bondage ultimately to Satan himself.

"Mr. Barnes states: "With regard to religion, Christianity in particular but also religious faith in general is reflexively treated as something dangerous and pernicious by the mainstream media." He notes that the news media is liberal and impenetrable. In fact, it is almost impossible for any Christian with any level of spiritual maturity to get a job in the news media. This is also true of almost any position that brings with it the power to communicate idea. If a person in such a position becomes a Christian, two things will happen. First, they will be coerced, threatened, and not allowed to say anything that comes from the Spirit of God. Second, they will be sidelined and taken out of the position. Less than 1% of all journalists are godly people. This is even true of small-town newspapers. The ungodly fiercely guard the news industry, as they do positions as judges, biologists, administrative government positions, positions in museums and libraries, and the list goes on.

Mr. Barnes notes the power and unfairness of the ungodly media lords when he writes: "One way to see the unequaled power of the mainstream media is in how it is able to shape and create the stories that we're stuck talking about in America.... only the mainstream media has the power to make stories big." Yes, they can and do build up a story where nothing has taken place. When they are discovered in their lie, they can shift public attention to the next lie. Submitting to the news media (or any other of the many ungodly sources) is a way that Christians are losing the blessings that they have inherited in Christ. If Christians submit themselves to this type of indoctrination, they will be misinformed and have an unbalanced view of the world around them. You can't hug a fire and not be burned. (Psalm 6:27)

see Imprimis, Hillsdale College, August, 2006, for the source of the quotes used here.

Last updated: Jan, 2014
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