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Satan's Lies Work Against Everything that is Real and Genuine


Satan tries to vaporize truth and reality and to cement lies and the phony. That is what Evolution is all about, trying to vaporize the creation, the creator, the fall into sin, and the flood in our minds and cement Naturalism. That is what amusement and entertainment is all about. We have a great number of churches that no longer deal with reality but try to draw in the crowds with entertainments. That is what bickering and quarrels are about. That's what un-forgiveness is about.

Satan has many servants to help him propagate his lies. Lies bind us up, if we accept them. Satan has a host of fallen angels, demons. He has every natural mind of man--the fallen nature in every person. He especially uses lukewarm Christians and those dogmatic and relentless unsaved who are dedicated to opposing the Holy Spirit. These are the people who have sought out places of influence as teachers, news casters, movie stars, rock stars, TV personalities, cartoonists, lawyers, judges, and lawmakers. They have sought out these positions of influence so that they could give the message that they get from their father, Satan. That is not to say that all people in these positions are following Satan, but most of them are.

Once you are born again, you have just begun. You are just a baby in Christ. If you get "stuck" at this point, you will remain a baby. Satan is shouting lies to get you "stuck" and to keep you from pressing into fulfillment in Jesus. Satan is saying, "There is no need to press in." He will tell you that you are filled with the Spirit when you are not. He will offer false gifts of the Spirit to keep you from the real and genuine. He will give you a false church order and false church government and false ministry gifts to keep you from that which is real.

The purpose of is to be salt and light to show the way to the fulfillment that is only available through the Lord, Jesus Christ. For every pattern, or order, God created, Satan has created many disorders. Satan creates lies, false ways, which he places beside the real and genuine ways of God. God provides true ways that lead to life and fulfillment of God's ultimate purpose in you. Satan provides diversions, options, and creative ideas that lead to frustration and spiritual death. Satan simply looks for ways to frustrate the purposes of God in your life. lists some of the ways that Satan uses, but be assured that Satan has another lie right around the corner. The Bible warns about many of Satan's lies, but it would be impossible to list them all. The real secret is to know the Holy One of Israel, Jesus. As we come to know Him better, we have better discernment. At present, we are still not complete in Him, but God has a vision for our completeness, our fulfillment in Jesus. This plan is being fulfilled before our very eyes. The church is being built according to the pattern that is in Scripture. The clever ideas of Satan are being purged out of the church. Now, through the church, God is showing His wisdom to the principalities and powers. The church is literally, not figuratively, the Body of Christ. It is not a club that can be put together any old way. It is a living Body, the Body of Christ, joined to the Head, Jesus. When someone desires to bring worldly elements into the church, they are trying to defile Christ. When the house of God is built according to the pattern, then Christ will manifest Himself in that temple. Through the Bible, God has spoken about and we have heard about the manifestation of the sons of God. That manifestation is simply the church coming into unity with Jesus to the extent that the we become one with Jesus according to His prayer that is recorded in the gospel of John. When we come to that unity, every precept of man will have been removed and the pattern will be complete in the spiritual temple. That is when Ephesians 4 will be fulfilled, and the church will arise as one totally complete and unified man, Head and Body, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. That will change the world more than the great flood ever did.

In that light, this section on Christian Frustration is given in the hope that you may avoid some pitfalls. There is no desire here to attack or hurt any person or group. In fact, my desire is that those who are in darkness would see the light and come to the light. My desire is that those in bondage would be set free.

Last updated: Oct, 2011
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