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There are many pages on the Internet that are hostile to the the present move of the Spirit of God. These often contain a smattering of true events along with quite a bit of inaccuracy.

Is it a movement? Rather than a movement, what actually took place was that the Holy Spirit moved. He came and visited the students and faculty. They tried to hold classes teaching the denominational position Assemblies of God, Canada, but the Holy Spirit would come over them and they would find themselves in worship.

Many of them were fasting. There was much praying. I wasn't there, but this obvious lack of teaching came to the attention of the denomination. The faculty were asked to leave. They moved to North Battleford and the door opened up for some old buildings from an air force base to be used for classes.

There was a certain day in 1948 that the Holy Spirit came powerfully in prophecy, telling them that He had opened a door and if they would not enter in now, it would be closed to them forever. One of the faculty prayed something like this, "Lord, we don't know what this door is nor do we know how to enter into it." Prophecy followed stating that this was the door to the gifts of the Spirit and that they would be imparted by the laying on of hands of the presbytery and prophecy.

Revelation was given by prophecy and confirmed by Scripture. That was the start.

Many obvious miracles took place. The Spirit moved so mightily that people came from all over the world to North Battleford.  As the revelation was unfolded, some of it was to the liking of people visiting and some was not.

The revelation of the coming together of the Body of Christ was given. A prophecy said, "Come out, come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sin." It went on to say that the world denominational systems are a Babylon of confused voices. There were some who took this to the extreme in implying that those in the denominations were lost, but that was not the revelation. The prophecy of the dry bones is still spoken of and taught. There is still great spiritual deadness throughout the Church, but God is saying, "Prophesy to these dry bones." The Holy Spirit said that the Church is an organism, not an organization.

Eventually, the revelation on apostles was given. The office of apostle was re-established in the church. Later came the revelation of traveling elders and deacons making up the apostolic body. Revelation began to flow from this body through the apostle. One or two apostles having the revelation was not sufficient, but they all would see the same vision according to Acts 15. This revelation was not by one getting an idea and somehow persuading the others, but by the operation of spiritual gifts and the moving of God's Spirit rather than human reason. The revelation was always according to Scripture, even as it is today. For the most part, the revelation has been that the Bible means exactly what it says. The revelation has been the removal of the veil of the rationalizations that have continually explained Scripture away. The authority given to the apostolic body was quite offensive to many, but it is obviously the pattern that God has shown through Scripture.

One other scriptural pattern that offended many was the revelation that the order of Scripture does not pay a salary to local men. The Scripture used to defend this practice is actually written by Paul, referring to himself and to the other apostles. Local pastors have applied this Scripture to themselves as if they were apostles. The apostles traveled, making it difficult or impossible to support themselves. So, local elders and deacons were set. Local elders (plural) shepherd (pastor) the flock. They are not paid. You can only imagine the reaction of the local pastor who makes his living in this way and has quite a bit of prestige as a result of his position in the local church. To become just one of several unpaid elders on equal status didn't go over well. This is not to take anything away from those who are true shepherds. It's just that the singular locally abiding pastor is not found in Scripture.

In process, there were many who came who really liked the gifts of the Spirit and the power that was available in Christ, but they didn't like the order of apostles overseeing the church universal. These went out on their own and began calling themselves the Latter Rain Movement. They were never really connected to the rest of what was happening in this move of the Spirit. A second movement that God started from this point, but that was never was connected with the order and pattern that God had shown, was the charismatic movement that swept through the denominational churches. Later, it was discovered that, at the same time as God was moving through North Battleford, He was also moving in a similar way in many placed throughout the world.

When those who were hostile to this moving of God's Spirit wrote articles against it, they often misrepresented by saying that the Charismatic Movement, the Latter Rain Movement, and the move of the Spirit that began at North Battleford, SASK. While the three were joined in their beginnings, they were and are radically different. Under the guidance of the apostolic ministries, we see order and power. There is a lack of many of the excesses of the Charismatic Movement and the Latter Rain Movement. Where disorders have arisen because of human fleshly weakness, discipline has been executed under the scriptural pattern of apostles and local elders and deacons. To lump these three into one is a gross misunderstanding of history and a lack of understanding what God is doing. God used each of these three separately to perform different operations within the Church Universal that were necessary for His purpose.

God revealed that the revelation would be given through the apostles. This was confirmed by Scripture. At a certain point, one of the apostles began to teach that he was the chief apostle. He started to teach different extra-biblical doctrines. The order that had been established was that each apostle was under the headship and government of all the other apostles and that there was no chief apostle--no pope. So, the brethren approached their brother, but he would not receive correction.  This type of thing happened a few times and was dealt with according to the scriptural order for Church discipline. Whenever there is disorder, Satan deceives some who cause damage to the Church.

When a person is given gifts and a ministry, the power of God rests on the person. The fleshly nature is very religious and loves to take glory to the person rather than giving it to God. This can happen even to men who are greatly used by God. There is submission throughout the Church Universal. There is no member who is so under the Anointing that that God has not set others to oversee that member. It's safe for the Church. It prevents wild doctrine. It prevents abuse.

The revelation continued to unfold. Some revelation on missions was given. At first, the Holy Spirit indicated that the Good News of the Kingdom be declared to those already in Pentecost. Then it was taken to the foreign fields. Rather than having a person from one culture go and establish residence in another culture, the brethren go to the people and proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom. Then they would leave, and the people of that land were encouraged to meet together. When the brethren would return some time later, there were usually some local elders were indicated. Later, traveling ministries, apostles, were indicated.

So, it is an unfolding revelation even today. If this move of the Spirit stops moving, it will become a lukewarm organization. God will have to then work through others who are willing to move with Him. In fact, there have been some who have erroneously said that we basically have all the revelation now and only need to walk in it, but the brethren have taught that this is not the case.

A few years ago, Assemblies of Canada were instructed by the Holy Spirit to come and make peace with the brethren. They came in obedience to the Holy Spirit and spoke before the assembly, offering apology for anything they had said or written that was not right. Keep in mind that these were mainly members of the generation that followed the events of the beginning of this move. The brethren then spoke before the assembly and also apologized for anything that they had done that caused offense.

There is a book, Terry Miller The Pacifist Politician, certainly not centered on this move, but having an appendix that it quite accurate. The book is available used on Amazon.

This isn't about any group of people. This is about the moving of God's Spirit. Now, many of the things that were given as revelation in 1948 and the years following are being taught widely throughout Christendom. Not everything, but most of these revelations are available in many places. Of course, you will find that there are places where bulwarks against Scriptural teachings are erected in the name of Scripture, but these barriers are erected through theologies, not through Scripture. And God will shake all lies and cause them to fall. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, including the errors of this present move of God.

For the person who wants the Kingdom of the Heavens and the Earth, all that person needs to do is to listen to the Voice of the Spirit and follow it. The Spirit will lead into the patterns and the orders and the gifts and the ministries, and the offices of Scripture. There will be a first-fruits company somewhere that will enter in and open the door for everyone else so that all may enter in.

Last updated: Sep, 2013
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