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The Spiritual Senses are Developed Through Use.


The spiritual senses are developed through use. When we use them, we use them in the following way. God lets us know something through our spiritual senses. We may feel, see, taste, smell, or hear Him and His will. When the Bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word [literally utterance] of God, we soon find out that He speaks to us through visions, prophecy, encouragement, feelings, and many other ways. When He speaks, a supernatural belief and trust (faith) of Him fills our being. This is what REAL Faith is. Faith that is Faith is the Faith of God as opposed to human-generated faith. God's Faith is not of ourselves. It is the gift of God lest any man should boast. Faith is the door to grace. It gives us access into His Grace. When He speaks, He always leads and guides. His guidance may tell us to do something or may just tell us not to worry. In any case, He leads. We are unable, in ourselves, to obey or submit to His leading. For this reason, He gives us Grace in addition to the Faith that He gave. It is His Grace that must do the works. Our part is to let that happen. We have the ability at any time in this process to oppose God and try to do it in our own strength. When He does His work in and through us, we grow. The reason we grow is because we reap what we sow (actually, what we allowed Him to sow through us).  
That is all very simple, but here is something that is hard to understand. When He has done everything, He rewards us as if we had done something. What happens is that His good Seed is sown into our heart.

By the way, when we use the word heart, it is a synonym for the words, mind and soul. There are some differences in some verses of the Bible, but, for the most part, it is the same Greek word that is translated into heart, mind, soul, and sometimes, life.

God speaks in types and shadows to us, since we are so limited in our ability to understand. So, He speaks of seed in one case to help us to understand that whatever you sow you reap. The parable of the sower is really about spiritual growth more than it is about being born again. Another way that God tells us about the same process is that we are dying to self and living to Christ. Each time we are able to obey in this way, by grace through faith, we find that we have died a little bit to self and have Christ more fully formed in us. Each time we slip into some sin or miss the target, we find that we have re-crucified Christ in our hearts. This is why we each must pick up our crosses and follow Him. Obedience in this way causes the senses to be exercised. We begin to see the things of the Kingdom of God more clearly. We begin to feel His presence and to be able to discern between truth and error more easily.  

(some caveats about hearing God's Voice)
The problem is that everything that God leads us into is offensive to our sinful nature. For this reason, the sinful nature, which is deceitful and desperately wicked, tries to deceive us. It is often successful in deceiving us. This is the reason that so many Christians are stuck somewhere on their journey. They have been deceived and stopped moving forward with God. This is the reason that there are so many voices saying different things, and all are calling themselves "the church." I'm talking about Christians. You hear one give one interpretation very fervently. Then another one comes along and says the opposite just as fervently. How do you know which one to believe? If you truly desire to do the will of God, you will know.

Last updated: Feb, 2012
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The Spiritual Senses are Developed Through Use.

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