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Vision is an interesting thing. All true vision originates from God. Through the Bible, God speaks of a vision out of our own hearts/minds, but He is anything but positive about that kind of vision. He says, "They ran, but I did not send them." When God speaks and we have our will set to hear Him and obey His directives, then God's very own supernatural trust and belief (faith) flows to our spirits and then to our minds. "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word [utterance] of God." This is what the apostle James was talking about when he wrote about the perfect law of liberty being like a mirror that changes what we do. When God speaks, He presents a complete vision (hope). God uses all our spiritual senses to communicate with us, hearing, sight, feeling, smell, and taste. It is a complete vision. When we look into this vision, this perfect law of liberty, we see who God created us to be in Christ. Though we still only see this vision in a glass [mirror] darkly, we do see it to some extent. When we see who God created us to be, we recognize that this is not the fleshly man, the sinful man, the fallen man. This is the one who has been transfigured to be like Jesus. We look and we see Christ in us the hope of glory but at a level of spiritual completeness that we have not yet achieved. When we see Him, we see Him as He is and so we become like Him. As we pull away the veil of our flesh so we can see, as in a glass [mirror], the glory of the Lord, we are transfigured into the same image from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord. Fortunately, faith gives us access to God's grace, His free gift of righteousness. Only grace can fulfill the vision that we have just received. Grace then thinks God's thoughts through us, says God's words through us, and does God's acts through us. Whether it is praying in a church service on Sunday morning, receiving direction from whoever God has placed in authority over us, directing an employee, negotiating with a vendor, servicing a customer, or playing a game, we are guided and given power for righteousness in this way moment by moment. Whatever is not of faith is sin. The first wonder of this is that we can impart the same vision to others by our words that come from God and our actions that come from God. The second wonder is that we are transfigured from glory to glory, made holy and set free from sin, through God's process of righteousness by grace through faith. And this is a gift of God, not of ourselves, lest any man should boast.

(some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

Last updated: Nov, 2012
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