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The many lies that reside in our minds are the very things that bind us up. We defend our bad actions and thoughts, and by so doing plant more bad seed into the garden of our souls. Those seeds are simply lies. Those seeds will germinate, sprout, spring up, and trouble us in the future.

There is a solution to this horrible problem. Turn to the Holy Spirit. Allow the Holy Spirit to plant good seed in your heart. Repent of those things that spring up and trouble you. Ask Jesus to cover them by His precious blood. Ask the Holy Spirit to come and abide in you and to burn out those things that are of the flesh. Listen to God. Obey at His direction.

An antagonist to the biblical history of creation said the following: "How can we be certain that our particular interpretation is correct? To assert as emphatically as they do is unwise in the extreme." Post-Modernism is certainly in the church. By the antagonist's own logic, it was unwise in the extreme for the antagonist to make his declaration as if he had any authority to say it. It is simply an assertion that is made without any basis. The belief that the history of the Bible can be trusted to be correct is in fact a supernatural belief and trust known as faith. Faith always has its foundation in the utterance of God, that is, revelation. We know that the Bible is reliable because God has revealed that to us. No one can receive anything that is spiritual without God revealing it. The natural many cannot receive the things of the Spirit.

It would not matter whether the subject were the historical accuracy of Genesis, or the historical accuracy of the resurrection of Jesus. Above is a perfect example of the types of thoughts that are weeds in the garden of our minds that spring up and trouble us. This could just as well be questioning the order of the church service as mentioned in 1 Corinthians 14 or the impartation of spiritual gifts by the laying on of hands of the presbytery. Freedom from such doubts is what redemption is all about. Redemption is progressive.

"One tenet of Post-Modernism has not been brought up in public, and for good reason. According to Post-Modernism, freedom is an illusion."
Gene Edward Veith, Post-Modernism is just one of many of the lies that Satan tells. We have all heard those lies. Those lies are the very things that keep us in bondage, in slavery to Satan. Redemption, by grace through faith, is the only way to be set free from this slavery.

Last updated: Jun, 2012
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