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Confusion of Terms: Liberals And Liberalism Defined


There is ample opportunity for miscommunication regarding the word, Liberalism. I have tried to determine the way that Liberalism is commonly used today, which is not exactly the same as the dictionary definition. Even with the extent to which Liberalism's definition has been clarified on this site in many pages, because of the tendency for Liberalism to believe in political solutions to spiritual problems and the drive for Liberalism to control and change the world into a liberal world, there have been some who have ignored the detail and taken a few words out of context to try to discredit the obvious facts brought out on these pages. Following the example of the early saints, we turn from trying to persuade the closed-minded and we speak to those whose hearts have been prepared to receive the simple and elegant salvation, which God has prepared and made available only through Jesus Christ.

Liberal and liberalism: as used by the media, these words are synonymous with Leftist, Socialist, anti-Christian. By clicking on the links to the definitions of liberal and Liberalism, you will see that one of the trademarks of liberal thought is for each person to follow his or her own whims. Liberal ideas tend to be more like a smorgasbord

Liberal ideas tend to be more like a smorgasbord than a banquette. A liberal person seems to be free to pick and choose the ideas he or she likes and leave the ones that he or she doesn't like. If the ideas are inconsistent with each other, this doesn't seem to bother the liberal person.

Liberalism tends not to require consistency of its leaders or heroes. In fact, most liberals give themselves the ability to violate their own stated belief systems when it is convenient. (It's possible that some liberal people require consistency of themselves and their leaders, but that would make it difficult for them to follow the Clintons, Rathers, Jennings, and Kerrys of this world.)

It's common to hear a liberal person stating that they are basing everything on fact and in the next sentence to launch into a creative story to prove their point. Then, it is very common for them to refer to the story is a fact. They are likely to deceptively call this story, "science.

The use of equivocation is also common among liberals. They purposely deceive using tricks with words that have more than one meaning. Maureen Dowd is one example of a Liberal who uses this technique.

These odd methods reasoning can be mind-boggling to a person who is familiar with true logic.

One of the liberal proverbs is: "Each person must find his or her own reality."

Surprisingly, even liberal scientists, news people, and other groups of people who are supposedly working with concrete ideas are finding "their own realities."

Liberalism changes the way that people process their thoughts, so they can come up with some answers that are very different from the answers derived by those who are not liberal. If you take away all the concrete rules of logic, then you can rationalize just about anything. Liberals can rationalize just about anything.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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