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1828 Noah Webster's Dictionary and his contributions to education also has quotes of Daniel Webster here, and they are certainly indicative of someone who is following Christ. These are just his words, however. If you are wondering about Noah Webster's history of being a Christian or the accomplishments that show that Noah Webster was a Christian then this page is for you. The creation of Noah Webster's Dictionary and his contributions to education display Noah Webster's history of being a Christian. He did not believe in educating people into ignorance as is done in the schools today. He appears to have realized that tools such as text books and dictionaries affect the mind and the battle is for the mind. The enemy of our souls is fighting for our minds. The main tool of the enemy is the lie. That is why the secular schools are set up to teach secularism as dogma/lies. The new dictionaries are set up to teach the secular dogma/lies as well. Secular text books are written in a way that brain-washes the reader into secular dogma/lies. Daniel Webster wrote a dictionary and text books that stood on the truth of the Word of God. The Secularists/Atheists hate it. The Christians who live like Atheists hate it too.


  • The excellence of Noah Webster's work is the reason he surpassed Samuel Johnson as the premier lexicographer in world history. His commitment to applying a Christian worldview to every area of life is the reason for the excellence of his work.
  • It manifests a Christian worldview, a Christian philosophy of government, and a distinctly Christian philosophy of education.
  • What Noah Webster understood, that is lost on most Americans in the 21 st century, is that every area of life and thought is influenced by the worldview that predominates in a society.
  • A centerpiece of His lexicography was the principles that he advanced concerning change and immutability. He shifted "standard usage" from the literati to the common man. He recognized that authors and writers were more prone to increase the use of modish, capricious improprieties in language than the common man.
  • It is the opinion of the staff at Christian Worldview of History and Culture that every Christian family should own a copy of the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary. Therein you will find Biblical definitions applied to American English. The 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary is your source for understanding the writings of the founders, as they were in large part the standard for the use of language as Noah Webster recorded it.


  • Webster, descended on his mother's side from Pilgrim Governor, William Bradford of Plymouth Plantation, made important contributions to an American educational system which kept the nation on a Christian Constitutional course for many years. The famous "blue-backed Speller," his "Grammars," and "Reader," all contained Biblical and patriotic themes and Webster spearheaded the flood of educational volumes emphasizing Christian Constitutional values for more than a century.
  • It is not surprising, therefore, that the 1828 American Dictionary should contain the greatest number of Biblical definitions given in any reference volume. Webster considered "education useless without the Bible" and while he cautioned against too extensive use of the Bible in schools as "tending to irreverence," he reiterated, "In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government, ought to be instructed... No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people..." also gives some examples of the difference between thy 1828 Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language and the 1981 Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary. This comparison opens your eyes to how far the culture has strayed away from the Bible. The definitions given in the 1981 version are ungodly in comparison. That same ungodliness is rampant throughout society, even in many of the churches. They have sought to re-define God in their own image, because they hate the righteousness that comes from God and set about to establish their own righteousness.

See also, Noah Webster Quotes here.

Last updated: Feb, 2011
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