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  • is not for Christians who are at ease.
  • There is a remnant company in the church, a body of believers who are willing to lay down their lives, take up their crosses, and follow Jesus.
  • These are the ones who are ready to die to self and live to God.
  • They are having their senses exercised by listening to the voice of the Spirit of God.
  • There is no room for pride. They know they don't have it all. They wait for God to move without running ahead of Him.
  • They don't care for the entertainment church, big buildings, social clubs, forms, or rituals.
  • They realize there is something wrong with the many man-made precepts, extra-biblical church governments, rationalized doctrines, or self-sent ministries. They see the tremendous order of the church as God shows the pattern in Scripture.
  • They are not interested in the watered down gospel that comes from the Scripture that has been adulterated by the human mind adding parts and removing parts.
  • They are hungry for a deeper walk, interested in unfolding revelation, but careful that revelation is coming from the anointed Scripture. They don't try to interpret the Scripture by human reason and human common sense. They actually believe that God can give revelation and wisdom to all who ask.
  • They are alive with the Spirit of God and are seeking to fellowship with those who have the same heavenly vision.
  • is not an on line church. is just a place where some information is available about God's patterns and ways.

Last updated: Jul, 2011
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