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Questions and Answers: Are People Flocking from Yahoo and Google to



I heard about your site on NPR yesterday in a report about alternative search engines geared to specific religions. What is your answer to the allegation that when someone is searching for something they will only find the 'approved' meaning of their search rather than answers that are 'in the world' but not acceptable to the Christian faith?

Is this fair to be biased to someone searching for answers?


I'll bet that they meant to say is a site designed to help people avoid frustration and find fulfillment. It's purpose is to give guidance so that you can find the purpose and meaning of your life--and do something productive to accomplish what you were created to accomplish.  
In answer to your question about the allegation from NPR, I can give you my opinion. It has been my observation that most people want to hear what they want to be true. At the same time, people who are convinced of a certain viewpoint would like to limit the ability of others to express any other view. This is true of Christians, non-Christians, liberals, and conservatives. The owner of the largest search engine has a stated goal to control the world through information. Ungodly people especially think that it's important to control the message. That's why there is Federal funding of schools. That's why Christians have a hard time getting any kind of career going in network news or even in newspapers. NPR is no exception. And, as you just mentioned, most parents would rather have input into what their children learn rather than being forced to allow others to mold, or even brainwash, their children.  
My opinion is that Muslims will want to hear and read what lines up with their religion and they would like to control what is taught to their children--and to your children and to you. The same goes for various Christian (and not so Christian) denominations. The same is true, oddly enough, of those who believe in relativism (all things are relative, there is no truth except for the truth that there is no truth, there is no real right or wrong). Relativists have trouble tolerating the belief that there is truth or tolerating any who believe that there is right and there is wrong. As illogical as it may seem, they seem to believe that it is wrong to believe that there is right and wrong. From my observation, Atheists are no different. They go to great lengths to promote their anti-God religion. Look at how they have gotten Evolution, a very illogical story, to be taught as if it were fact in all the public schools. In the Atheistic countries of China, Cuba, Vietnam, and North Korea, there is a great deal of pressure brought against anyone who does not believe in Atheism. Those who believe liberal philosophy want to hear and read liberal views and take extreme measures to avoid non-liberal views. NPR, for instance, has a strong socialist and anti-Christ leaning politically and philosophically, and they tend to slant their programming that way. In organizations, this message control usually happens because there are people who have power in the organization, and these people are able to keep other opinions to a minimum. And, if other contrary opinions are expressed, the presentation of those expressions is controlled so that the contrary opinions are put in a negative light. I would not doubt that Google, as a corporation, reflects a certain philosophy and that this may impact their search engine either now or in the future. Everything is there, but some things are harder to find.  
That's the long answer; here is the short one. It is impossible to remove bias from the human nature.  
I believe that there is truth. Experience has taught me that truth can be found in Jesus Christ. Experience has taught me that my own mind can fool me--and other people's minds can fool them. I, and people I know, have found a relationship with Jesus Christ in which He gives wisdom, knowledge, and revelation. This wisdom, knowledge, and revelation is superior to the rationalizing reasoning on which the whole world seems to depend.  
Can anyone really find meaning from the amazing amount of noise that is found on the internet? How do you know who to believe? Or do you just choose to believe what you prefer to be true?  

Last updated: Oct, 2013
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