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Are Cults Trying To Create Utopia?


 Cultic Kingdoms


Cultic "utopias" are violent and dangerous.  Liberalism, Islam, and New Age spiritists are all thinking they will be able to create a utopia.  Cults are willing to kill to establish their so-called utopias.A cult is here defined as that which looks to anything other than the living Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, righteousness, satisfaction, fulfillment, revelation, wisdom, power, or solutions or that is of any spirit other than the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit.

Though we know relatively little about it, it is obvious that the Bible speaks of the Kingdom of God.  The speculators have, however, set out to create a false kingdom--a kingdom without King Jesus.

Virtually every cult, from New Age, to Islam, to liberalism, has a goal of establishing a world-wide government over which they will rule.  Every cult has the goal to establish their government by political and violent means (Though they all claim to be the perfect example of peace, they do violent acts and speak violently.). 

Some cults predict that their wonderful rule will result in great peace and prosperity.  We can see the results of the kingdoms in places like Saddam's Iraq, Hitler's Germany, USSR, Iran, North Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, and China.  We can see their peace in terrorism, violence, and persecution of the Church.

The Church of Jesus Christ also recognizes a coming Kingdom, but not a Kingdom that is established by force or any human effort.  The true Kingdom of God will be established in the hearts of men and women who yield themselves totally to the Spirit of God.

The next step after arguing their own self-righteousness and lack of need for Jesus is to try to create the Kingdom of God without the King.

The followers of the cult, liberalism, in Europe and the United States, have been successful in replacing the Church with the Liberalism Religion, which is the Government endorsed and financed Church.  The Government social programs have replaced the ministry of the Church.  The socialization of education and removal of Christ from education has resulted in the Government sponsored Liberal religion replacing the Church as the teacher of morality and even theology.  There is no separation of religion and State because the State is trying to enforce New Age religion on everyone.  The State is also trying very hard to eliminate the Church, the real Church, the Church that Christ died for.

It's very expensive to create utopia.  Look at your tax bill.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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