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Bible Dictionary: Define Sanctified, Sanctification, Definition of Sanctified, Sanctification


Sanctification and Holiness are synonyms.  Sanctification is something that those who are following Christ are becoming, while righteousness is something that God does through a Christ-follower by grace through faith.  To sanctify is to make holy.  Sanctification is a setting apart for a specific use.  For followers of Christ, they are following Christ into sanctification and redemption (freedom from sin).  Sanctification and redemption constitute salvation.  Sanctification is the same as knowing God.  You see, only God is holy.  This sanctification is actually the answer to the prayer of Jesus, that they may all be one, just as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, so the world may believe.  There is no sanctification without being in unity with the Father and the Son.

When Scripture is referring to an object or day being holy, it is a type and a shadow of the Kingdom of God.  The Church, when it is fully in completion, will be the Kingdom of God.  It will be King Jesus ruling through His holy ones while His holy ones are in total submission to Him, walking fully in His righteousness, and living fully in unity and in submission to each other.  This is the ultimate intimate relationship with God.

We cannot imagine the unity that we will have with God.  We can't imagine what it will be like to be transfigured from glory to glory into the very likeness of Christ and unified with Christ in submission to Him.  However, a remnant of God's people are already beginning to experience this through patient endurance.

We cannot be saved from sin (and to sanctification and redemption) by human effort.  We are saved by grace through faith . . . and that faith isn't self-generated.  No.  It is the faith of God, God's very own faith.  It is a gift from God.  It is not the make-believe faith that is so prevalent but rather it is the supernatural belief and trust that comes from God.

Faith comes when God speaks.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the utterance of God.  Rom. 10:17  Whatever is not of faith is sin.  God leads.  He speaks.  Whatever we do that God didn't tell us to do is sin.  Rom. 14:23  Whenever we receive this faith, we also receive God's gift of hope, that vision of expectation in which God shows us what He's going to do and who we are in Him.  He shows us how we fit into Christ the Body . . . and what is and is not part of that Body.  This is an unfolding revelation over time.  We see Him in every member of the Body of Christ.  That is, Christ in us, the hope of glory.  As we all, with the veil of the flesh taken away from our faces, see, as if looking into a mirror, the glory of the Lord, we are transfigured into the same image from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord.  1 Cor. 3:18

(some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

Faith gives us access to grace.  Rom. 5:2  And that it is grace that does the works through us.  1 Cor. 15:10  You see, only God is able to do good works.  Human beings are unable to do good works outside of God doing them through us.  In fact, God created us and saved us for good works that He would do through us.  This is a unity of working where we yield and He works through us.  It is a cooperation with the Holy Spirit.  Our part is to yield the members of our bodies to Him.  Then, the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.  When we hear God's voice and sense His leading and yield ourselves so that He does His works through us, His Love--God is Love--flows through us in our thoughts, words, and deeds.  This is what is known as righteousness, righteousness by grace through faith

Now we have arrived at the point where we can actually talk about sanctification.  sanctification is reaping.  It is the fruit of the Spirit.  Something had to be planted, so God planted it in you by His righteousness in you.  There is a spiritual law: you reap what you sow.  When you listen, willing to do His will, and yield to the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit changes you in your very nature.  This change is what is known as sanctification or sanctification. 

Righteousness is in the moment--from moment to moment.  It is God doing His works through you. 

Sanctification is permanent.  Sanctification is something that everyone who follows Christ is becoming.  They are becoming a new creature.  They are dying to self and Christ is being more fully formed in them.  The battle is currently for the mind, and it is in the mind that we struggle.  Each time we yield to the Holy Spirit in this way, we become more holy.  It is a walk from glory to glory and a walk that requires patience.  Each time we become more holy, we are set free, that is, redeemed, to a greater extent.  Set free or saved from what?  Redeemed from sin--we are redeemed from slavery.  We are naturally in slavery to Satan, to our own fleshly nature, and to the pressure exerted by the ungodly culture.

Not that this sanctification (along with the righteousness and redemption) cannot be separated from Christ the Body.  God is cleansing His Body of all the false ministries, false teachers, false prophets, divisions, man-made patterns, faulty doctrine, and other disorders as He establishes a Church, a called out people, who are willing to walk in His ways and to build the Church according to His pattern.  All who move from glory to glory find that God is leading them toward the Scriptural order of the Church.  They find themselves checked every time they deny God's power to restore His order, His pattern, His miracles, His close leading and directing of the Church, and His sanctification in the Church.  He is going to return for a Church that is without spot or wrinkle.  There will be no strife, division, money-making scheme, power grabbing, pride, or bickering.

Hebrew: qadash, Strong's #06942, meaning: 1) to consecrate, sanctify, prepare, dedicate, be hallowed, be holy, be sanctified, be separate
1a) (Qal) 1a1) to be set apart, be consecrated 1a2) to be hallowed 1a3) consecrated, tabooed 1b) (Niphal) 1b1) to show oneself sacred or majestic 1b2) to be honoured, be treated as sacred 1b3) to be holy 1c) (Piel) 1c1) to set apart as sacred, consecrate, dedicate 1c2) to observe as holy, keep sacred 1c3) to honour as sacred, hallow 1c4) to consecrate 1d) (Pual) 1d1) to be consecrated 1d2) consecrated, dedicated 1e) (Hiphil) 1e1) to set apart, devote, consecrate 1e2) to regard or treat as sacred or hallow 1e3) to consecrate 1f) (Hithpael) 1f1) to keep oneself apart or separate 1f2) to cause Himself to be hallowed (of God) 1f3) to be observed as holy 1f4) to consecrate oneself

Greek: hagiazo, Strong's #37, meaning: To make holy, consecrate, sanctify 1) to dedicate, separate, set apart for God 1a) Of things {#Mt 23:17,9 2Ti 2:21} 1b) Of persons: Christ {#Joh 10:36 17:19} 2) To purify, make conformable in character to such dedication 2a) Forensically, to free from guilt {#1Co 6:11 Eph 5:26 Heb 2:11 10:10,14,29 13:12} 2b) Internally, by actual sanctification of life {#Joh 17:17,19 Ac 20:32 26:18 Ro 15:16 1Co 1:2 7:14 1Th 5:23 Re 22:11} 2c) Of a non-believer influenced by marriage with a Christian {#1Co 7:14} 3) In the intermediate sense of ceremonial or levitical purification 3a) Of things {#2Ti 2:21} 3b) Of persons {#Heb 9:13} 4) To treat as holy {#Mt 6:9 Lu 11:2 1Pe 3:15}

Hebrew: qadowsh, Strong's #06918, meaning:  1) sacred, holy, Holy One, saint, set apart

Hebrew: qaddiysh, Strong's #06922, meaning: 1) holy, separate 2) (TWOT) angels, saints

Hebrew: chaciyd, Strong's #02623 1) faithful, kind, godly, holy one, saint, pious 1a) kind 1b) pious, godly 1c) faithful ones (subst)

Hebrew: qodesh, Strong's #06944, meaning: 1) apartness, holiness, sacredness, separateness 1a) apartness, sacredness, holiness 1a1) of God 1a2) of places 1a3) of things 1b) set-apartness, separateness

Greek: hagiasmos, Strong's #38, meaning: 1) consecration 2) sanctification: so strictly in {#Ro 6:19,22 1Co 1:30 1Th 4:3,7 2Th 2:13 Heb 12:14 1Pe 1:2} Elsewhere it perhaps inclines to the resultant state. {#1Th 4:4 1Ti 2:15}

Greek: hagion, Strong's #39, meaning: 1) reverend, worthy of veneration 1a) of things which on account of some connection with God possess a certain distinction and claim to reverence, as places sacred to God which are not to be profaned, temple, {#Ac 6:13 7:33 21:28 Mt 24:15} holy of holies, {#Heb 9:3,8 10:19 13:11} Jersualem {#Mt 4:5 27:53 Re 11:2 21:2 22:19} 1b) of persons whose services God employs, for example, apostles {#Lu 1:35,72 Mt 7:6 Jude 20 2Pe 2:21 2Ti 1:9} 2) set apart for God, to be as it were, exclusively his {#Lu 2:23 Mr 1:24 Lu 4:34 Joh 6:69 10:36 1Jo 2:20} Applied to Christians as those whom God has selected {#Joh 17:14,16} by the power of the Holy Spirit, are made partakers of God’s salvation. {#1Pe 2:9 Ac 9:32 Ro 1:7 8:27 12:13 16:15 1Co 6:1,2 Php 4:21-23 Col 1:12 Heb 6:10 Jude 3 Re 5:8} 3) services and offerings 3a) prepared for God with solemn rite, pure, clean {#1Co 7:14 Eph 1:4 5:3,27 Col 1:22 Ro 11:16} 4) in a moral sense, pure sinless upright holy {#1Pe 1:16 1Co 7:34 Mr 6:20 Ac 3:14 Re 3:7 6:10 1Pe 1:15 Joh 17:11 2Pe 3:11}

Greek: hagios, Strong's #40, meaning: Holy, characteristic of God, separated to God, worthy of veneration 1) Its highest application is to God himself, in his purity, majesty and glory. {#Lu 1:49 Joh 17:11 Re 4:8} 1a) Of things and places which have a claim to reverence as sacred to God, e.g. the Temple: {#Mt 24:15 Heb 9:1} 1b) Of persons employed by him, as angels: {#1Th 3:13 marg.} prophets, {#Lu 1:70} apostles, {#Eph 3:5} 2) Applied to persons as separated to God’s service: 2a) Of Christ: {#Mr 1:24 Ac 4:30} 2b) Of Christians: {#Ac 9:13 Ro 1:7 Heb 6:10 Re 5:8} 3) In the moral sense of sharing God’s purity: {#Mr 6:20 Joh 17:11 Ac 3:14 Re 3:7} 4) Of pure, clean sacrifices and offerings: {#1Co 7:14 Eph 1:4}

Greek: hagnos, Strong's #53, meaning: 1) exciting reverence, venerable, sacred 2) pure 2a) pure from carnality, chaste, modest {#Tit 2:5} an unsullied virgin {#2Co 11:2} 2b) pure from every fault, immaculate, clean {#2Co 7:11 Php 4:8 1Ti 5:22 1Pe 3:2 1Jo 3:3 Jas 3:17}

Greek: hieron, Strong's #2411, meaning: 1) a sacred place, temple 1a) used of the temple of Artemis at Ephesus 1b) used of the temple at Jerusalem

Greek: hosios, Strong's #3741, meaning: 1) undefiled by sin, free from wickedness, religiously observing every moral obligation, pure holy, pious

Greek: hieros, Strong's #2413, meaning: 1) sacred, consecrated to the deity, pertaining to God 1a) sacred Scriptures, because inspired by God, treating of divine things and therefore to be devoutly revered The temple of Jerusalem consisted of the whole of the sacred enclosure, embracing the entire aggregate of buildings, balconies, porticos, courts (that is that of the men of Israel, that of the women, and that of the priests), belonging to the temple; the latter designates the sacred edifice properly so called, consisting of two parts, the "sanctuary" or "Holy Place" (which no one except the priests was allowed to enter), and the "Holy of Holies" or "the most holy place" (which was entered only on the great day of atonement by the high priest alone). Also there were the courts where Jesus or the apostles taught or encountered adversaries, and the like, "in the temple"; also the courts of the temple, of the Gentiles, out of which Jesus drove the buyers and sellers and the money changers, court of the women.

Greek: semnos, Strong's #4586, meaning: 1) august, venerable, reverend 2) to be venerated for character, honourable 2a) of persons 2b) of deeds

Hebrew: miqdash, Strong's #04720, meaning:  1) sacred place, sanctuary, holy place 1a) sanctuary 1a1) of the temple 1a2) of the tabernacle 1a3) of Ezekiel’s temple1a4) of Jehovah

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