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How Everything Got So Messed Up and What God Is Doing About It


The Bible is really true, and God did create the universe, including man and woman, Adam and Eve. It was perfect and good.  

It was good until Satan deceived Adam and Eve into obeying him rather than God. 

There is a spiritual principle: whoever you yield yourself to obey becomes your master.  You become the slave if you obey.  Satan now ruled over Adam and Eve instead of God. 

Since God had appointed Adam as ruler over everything, that changed the entire creation and put it under Satan's power.  The son of a slave is a slave, so Adam's and Eve's children, including you and me, were slaves.

Things went down hill from there, and God destroyed all but eight people in a flood that covered the whole world.  The evidence of this flood can still be seen in all the fossils of animals and people that died in that flood, and in the many rock formations that still exist today.  

God gave a law to hold things together until Jesus came, though people were not able to keep the law because they were slaves to Satan.

Jesus did come as a free gift.  He paid the price of your sin and mine--a huge price to pay.  God Himself paid our price.  And, along with that, God gives the free Gift of the Holy Spirit to enable us so that we can willingly submit to God and God can do His works through us.  That is what we were created for.

Some were able to accept the free offer that would be coming and were able to do right things based on faith in the coming Savior, Jesus.  They didn't do it by self-effort trying to obey God's law but by believing God and receiving His free gift of righteousness.

This wonderful Gift is available to you right now and it will bring you into the fullness of everything that God has for you.  

Last updated: Sep, 2011
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