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Experience The Ultimate--FREE!


You can have it all.

No matter how great life may seem to be, you will never know life's best until you have the ultimate experience. No matter how terrible life may be, you can still have this same ultimate experience. And it's free. It's a free gift.

Got baggage in your life? You know; burdensome things in your life!?

You do have to drop off your baggage that is holding you down, but you also get to drop off your baggage that is holding you down. Some have said that this costs you everything, but it only costs you those things that have no value. Here is the hard part: you may have a misconception that your baggage is working for you. Some people think they can use anger to control other people. Some people think that holding a grudge keeps others from taking advantage of them. Some people think that getting drunk or running after all types of pleasure will give them something. We all have baggage, and we keep our baggage because of hardened lies that clutter up our hearts. We may be conscious of some of these lies, but we don't even know that most of them exist, since we have become so accustomed to them.

There are two lies that can make this free offer hard to accept. The first lie is the lie that falsely claims that the Bible has errors in it. The facts show otherwise. The second lie is the lie that falsely claims that our baggage, our darkness, our independence from God, is doing something for us. God is light. If we prefer darkness, we can't accept this offer. We were never created to operate correctly in the dark. We were created to be spiritual creations with the Spirit of God surging through us in power and love. God created us to be creatures of light.

Last updated: Sep, 2011
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How You Can Experience The Ultimate!

How Everything Got So Messed Up and What God Is Doing About It

Ungodly People Miss Out On What Is Good--Ungodly Christians Miss Out Too

Don't Fall Short of the Wonderful Plans, the Destiny that God Has Planned For You.

God's Purpose For Our Lives Is That We Become Like Jesus

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Experience The Ultimate--FREE!

God Intends To Bring You To Himself And To Have A Personal Relationship With You.

Can God have fellowship with me without saving me from my lower nature?

Don't All Ways Lead To God? No. There is One Way. Jesus

God's Love Is So Great That He Gave His Only Unique Son So We Would Not Have To Be Cut Off From Him In Hell.

God's Purpose Is To First Bring You Back Into His Family.

Why do I need to be saved? From what? You need to be saved from slavery to sin and all the lies . . . and from the second death.

The Results--Consequences of Sin

What Is It that Take Us Out of the Presence of God?

The Human Race Is Evil

Is it too late for me to be saved? Have I gone too far to be forgiven?

What is God's purpose in opening the door so I can be born into His Family?

How Can I Be Saved And Go To Heaven?

How Can I Know God? Only Through Jesus Christ. No Person Can Come To the Father but by Jesus.

How do I enter the Kingdom of God and leave the bondage of the enemy?

How to Get to Heaven

With Free Salvation Being Such a Great Offer, Why Would Anyone Reject the Offer?

There Is A Cost To Receiving Jesus As Your Savior

Is Water Baptism Required to be Born Again? No! Is Baptism in the Holy Spirit Required to be Born Again? No!

Once You Are Born Again, Then What?

Have I really sinned and come short of God's glory and holiness standard?


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