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Is Christianity A Western Tradition And Kwanzaa An African Tradition?


First, let's get deal with the term, Christianity, that has all but lost its meaning. Let's talk about those who are actually following Christ in a living relationship where Christ leads them moment by moment and they follow in submission and obedience. It would be untrue to claim that Christianity is a Western tradition in any sense. Even in the sense of traditions and the general term, Christianity, everything has its roots in Egypt, Babylon (Iraq), and Jerusalem, which is the Middle East. It would also be untrue to claim that Kwanzaa is an African tradition.

In Scripture there are two races:

  1. The children of God, those born into God's family through the blood of Jesus.
  2. Those who have not been born into God's family and remain children of Satan. Racism is a product of Evolutionism and is incompatible with Christianity.
  3. Special Forces for the Savior 1
  4. Spacial Forces for the Savior 2

Those who are sometimes called "black" have a deep, rich, and ancient Christian heritage.

"... the Lord Jesus learnt to walk, not on the continent of Europe, but in Mizraim (Egypt), in Africa. Secondly, when the Ethiopian eunuch, Chancellor of the Exchequer of Queen Candace, became a Christian while reading the prophet Isaiah chapter 53, and Philip helped him to understand what he was reading, the natives of the British Isles were only just in the process of being educated by the Romans to read and write. So let nobody tell you that the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ is a European invention." ~ Dr Konotey-Ahulu, renowned sickle-cell anemia researcher.

Christians were the ones who worked against the establishment to abolish black slavery. It was the non-Christians and in-name-only Christians who fought the movement to free the slaves. Unfortunately, slavery still is a problem in many non-Christian countries today. In fact, Evolutionism is the only logical basis for racial division. Such a division exists nowhere in the Bible.

In 1966 in the USA, Kwanzaa was Invented By and American Gang Member who was also an FBI Informant

Kwanzaa was invented in 1966 by Marxist U.S. citizen, Ron Karenga, aka Dr. Maulana Karenga. Karenga was also a founder of United Slaves, a violent nationalist rival to the Black Panthers gang. Kwanzaa's tenets align perfectly with Marxist tenets. Karenga also worked for the U.S. FBI. There was bloody rivalry between the Panthers and United Slaves, and the United Slaves gunned down many Black Panthers.

Kwanzaa was never African. It was invented in 1966 in the USA. It was an attempt to divert the devout Christian African Americans to Marxism and racial hatred. It was an attempt to use the black people of America for political goals.

The seven "principles" of Kwanzaa are a mixture of racist hate and Marxism. Karenga, was asked to explain the difference between Kawaida, the underlying philosophy of Kwanzaa, and "classical Marxism." Karenga explained that, under Kwanzaa, they also hate white people.

It's interesting to note that the seven "principles" of Kwanzaa are exactly the same as the seven "principles" of the Symbionese Liberation Army 60s terror group. They are also the same seven "principles" of Marxism.

The spirit of antiChrist is very deceptive. The African American people have been among the most dedicated and anointed of God's people, and this is because they have been humble. God passes over the proud. Not too many rich and powerful are called to a deep walk with God. God chooses the politically weak, the poor, rich in faith, and in them He shows His great power.

Kwanzaa is the spirit of anti-Christ attempting to deprive the African Americans of their deep and rich Christian roots.


Last updated: Jan, 2012
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