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Conversation with a Buddhist


It's hard to communicate with a Buddhist Evolutionist. They claim to be so open-minded, but they are so closed-minded.

This Buddhist isn't an Atheist. He is a Pantheist. That is a very popular position in the current evil age. It's comfortable to hold such a popular position.

The Buddhist does a monolog for half an hour without taking a breath. There is a history of this type of monologue. Every sentence of every conversation has some reference to the Evolutionist dogma, Evolutionism, in these monologues. This time is no different. He is very confident and condescending. He then states that, as a scientific person, he has to say that he might be wrong, but the evidence is so strong for his side and there is no evidence to support a Creator God.

Keep in mind that this is not a hostile meeting. Actually, everything is quite pleasant. The resistance to God is accomplished with a smile. At this point, the monologue turns into a dialogue, and actual conversation where both parties are allowed to speak. The Buddhist Evolutionist Relativist stays in control and launches into monologues at will, but there is some two-way conversation now. This calls for patience on the part of Christians.

When the Christian points out that the claims of the Buddhist Evolutionist Relativist are based on either unsupported axioms (that is, nothing at all except for a claim) or else they are based on circular reasoning, the Relativist admits this and says, "There is nothing wrong with circular reasoning." and "There is no problem with baseless claims." When the Christian points out that Evolution requires the addition of a lot of information constantly being added to cells by natural process but that there has never been an instance where information has been added to anything by natural processes, the Evolutionist says that he read an article that states that information has been added by natural processes. (Such articles are all over the Internet, but it doesn't take much of a mind to read them and realize that their examples are bogus.) When the Christian speaks of the revelation of God, the Buddhist uses summary dismissal and contends, without any reasoning, that these are not revelations. The Buddhist says that all the religions claim revelation, and he comes to the odd conclusion that no one can know what is a revelation from God and what is coming from some other source. The Buddhist says that all ways lead to God, to which the Christian quotes the words of Jesus, "No man comes to the Father but by me." God is very much exclusive. God makes no bones about it. He gives us enough information to make a decision. In fact, He comes directly to us and speaks to us. If we reject Him, we determine our course for the ages to come. It is only because their deeds are evil that they reject Jesus.

During this entire conversation, the Buddhist goes into long addresses using the technique known as "tossing the elephant" where he throws out so many bogus statement in one continuous stream that all of the claims of the Buddhist Evolutionist Relativist cannot possibly be addressed. Since there is no consistency of thought, there is no basis of communication. Yet this conversation never turns into an argument. If you ever wonder what it would be like to talk to an evil spirit, it is about identical to speaking to a human being who is speaking out of his own natural mind, since the natural mind is totally under the control of Satan.

As things progress, it is apparent that there is another dogma beyond the dogma of Evolutionism. The second, and perhaps more important dogma, is relativism. This poor man is absolutely sure that no one can be absolutely sure of anything. Relativism refutes itself. It is illogical in the highest degree. The Christian and the Buddhist discuss the Biblical concept: "If any man thinks that he knows anything, he does not know as he ought to know." The Buddhist Evolutionist Relativist runs with that to twist it into the most extreme idea that the only truth is that there is no truth. It is interesting that he doesn't consider applying his relativism to Evolutionistic dogma. With extremists of this type, it is strange how they have no need for internal consistency of thought. They are able to hold two mutually exclusive concepts as being true at the same time, and it doesn't bother them at all. The reason for this is that there is something that happens to the mind when it learns to think this way. The mind is damaged. It is seared and unable to tell the difference between sanity and insanity. This is the type of mind that public schools have been creating for some time--not all public school teachers are guilty, but enough to destroy a society.

Buddhist Evolutionist Relativist's mind is open, he states, while, according to him, the mind of the Christian is closed. The Buddhist Evolutionist Relativist repeatedly refuses to even consider any information offered by the Christian, usually launching into another monologue. The Buddhist is fulfilling Romans 1. They refused to acknowledge God. They refused to hold God in their knowledge. Fot this reason God turned them over to a reprobate mind. The Christian offers some materials supporting Creation. The open-minded Evolutionist would not consider ever reading or looking at anything that would not support Evolutionism and Relativism, but he offers to share some of his Evolutionistic propaganda to the Christian. The closed-minded Christian says that he would welcome looking at the propaganda. If a Christian is firm in his or her faith, such material is a confirmation of the glory of God because the poor logic and false claims it such material is quite obvious. It's a wonder that anyone could believe it, but the eyes of evil-doers are blinded. One fact sticks out like a sore thumb when you talk to dogmatic unbelievers who think that they are intellectuals. They are extremely careful about what they read. They seldom if ever read anything that conflicts with their religiosity.

The Christian tells about a couple of modern-day miracles. For the first time, the Buddhist Evolutionist Relativist is interested. Time runs out. The Christian has to leave the conversation. He prays for the Buddhist Evolutionist Relativist. Will this man respond to the grace of God. Who can tell. Perhaps some day.

Last updated: Dec, 2012
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