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"what are societal sins?"


As far as I can tell, societal sins or social sins are a construct of someone's mind that seems to have become part of the social gospel.Those people who follow liberalism have changed the meaning of the word sin for their own purposes. God does judge countries, cities, and towns when the people in them do evil. This is not the same as what preachers of the Social Gospel mean when they speak of societal sins or social sins.

Christians are to be a light in the earth, but not by their own power. Liberalism recognizes a non-existant inner human goodness. If it seeks in any way to be led by the Holy Spirit, it doesn't do so in an honest way. That is why you can meet a person who talks endlessly about "being filled with the Spirit," "listening to God's voice," and "walking in the Spirit," but they leave that conversation to go to a drug, sex, and rock and roll party. They may endorse violence in support of some socialistic cause.

Currently, the Social Gospel addresses: poverty, disease, oppressive work conditions, society's injustices, civil rights abuses, supposed global warming, and education of children into relativism, Evolutionism, and Old Earth Mythology. Liberalism and Progressivism tries to identify the causes of these problems using the carnal human mind. They then try to solve these problems, usually through political pressure. They usually make things far worse than they were before they "fixed" everything.

Whatsoever is not of faith is sin.Romans 14:23

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  • If you understand how grace and faith work together, you can understand what is not of faith.
  • If you can understand what is not of faith, you can understand what faith is.

Righteousness is by grace through faith. Why do Christians struggle so to be righteous when righteousness is the free gift of God.

Salvation is by grace through faith. Salvation is more than being born again and escaping from the punishment for sin. Salvation is forgiveness and it is also being set free from slavery to sin and the sinful nature.

Here's how it works: God speaks His vision of hope to us. We hear. We receive God's Word, His Utterance, and believe Him. Faith comes by hearing the Word (utterance) of God. Faith, then, gives us access to grace. Jesus stands at the door knocking and faith allows us to open that door. When we open that door, grace flows in with all the glory of God, and it brings God's free gift of righteousness with it. We yield ourselves to that righteousness, God does His works through us. This is doing the right things right. It is the only way we can do anything right.

(some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

This is the righteousness that is by grace through faith. If God didn't lead you to it and do the work, then it is sin. Our own righteousnesses are filthy rags. The social righteousnesses of the liberals are sin because they proceed from the human will and the human "righteousness" which is filthy.

It should be noted that God's righteousness will always lead to the ways that are clearly stated in Scripture. God's righteousness will always be sexually pure, thankful to God, devoid of envy, devoid of covetousness, etc. It does not seek to steal, not even to give the money to the poor or any such thing.

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Last updated: Jan, 2013
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